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The boys in wrestling outfits
Episode no. Season 13
Episode 10
Production no. 1310
Original airdate October 21, 2009
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"W.T.F" is the tenth episode of the thirteenth season of the animated television series South Park. It aired on Comedy Central in the United States on October 21, 2009 and in the UK on October 23, 2009.


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Plot details follow.

After attending a WWE match, the boys all want to be professional wrestlers. The boys have found their new calling in life and they hurry to sign up for the wrestling club. They soon find out the kind of wrestling they teach at school is not the same thing they saw at the WWE. The boy’s wrestling coach has the same problem. He’s been struggling for years to get people to see the difference.


After seeing a World Wrestling Entertainment Raw event, the boys belibe to have found their true calling in life. They decide to sign up for wrestling classes but soon find out that the wrestling taught in schools is quite different from professional wrestling, including making professional wrestling monikers. The teacher tries to teach them wrestling, only for them to find the starting position to be "gay," and the boys walk out of the class, assuming that the teacher is a child molester. The teacher realizes that they only took the class after seeing the WWE show, to his frustration. The boys then go make a parody of the WWE called W.T.F. (Wrestling Takedown Federation). Their performances catch the attention several rednecks who constantly gossip to each other about the wrestling action, the same way one would gossip about a TV show, only they most likely believe that it is real; despite the fact that they know the performers are underage prepubescent children, they believe that they have engaged in adult situations such as serving in the Vietnam War, among other wild tales. W.T.F.'s popularity heightens once a new character Bad Irene (Cartman in drag) debuts, and says that she is addicted to having abortions; the boys' backyard wrestling promotion now has an auditorium, complete with proscenium staging and theater style lighting, along with "wrestling" in which the "wrestlers" recite dramatic monologues. The wrestling teacher is enraged after hearing the rednecks tout W.T.F. as the best wrestling they've ever seen. He shows them footage of real wrestling on his iPhone, only they assume it is "gay porn" and brush him off.

The wrestling teacher later finds that he has been fired by the School Board, simply because "wrestling" (influenced by seeing W.T.F.) is inappropriate for children, and because of possession of gay porn (the freestyle wrestling videos). He later decides that he shall destroy the W.T.F., to restore the integrity of the sport of wrestling. At the same time, the boys begin preparing for their Saturday show, SmackDown! in which WWE Chairman Vince McMahon wants to come watch and scout talent for the WWE. Cartman meets with Stan, Kyle and Kenny at Sizzler, saying that he wants to give smaller roles (a de-push) to Token, Jimmy, and Butters Stotch, because Cartman feels they will ruin the Smackdown show; throughout this conversation, the boys use the term "wrestling" but seem to be talking about stage acting. They hold tryouts (in the manner of a theater audition) to find a better "wrestler." They soon see a young man who watched wrestling since he was a child, and also turns out to be a great musical actor.

The Wrestling teacher is in his house (which is filled to the brim with olympic wrestling trophies, awards and medals)  when he reads that Vince McMahon will be at the event. He sneaks into Smackdown, armed with a rocket launcher, attempting to assassinate McMahon, the man responsible for the rise of professional wrestling, but instead kills Kenny, AKA El Pollo Loco (Spanish for "The Crazy Chicken"). The evil wrestling teacher later runs into the ring, chastizing the crowd with an impassioned monologue about how professional wrestling has ruined "real wrestling", and the downward spiral his life has taken. The rednecks begin to support the wrestling teacher, since professional wrestling "took his job.", "Took his dog" and "broke his jaw." (when the rednecks say the last two they sound like their saying "took his job." in slang). Vince McMahon is also impressed, and decides to sign the wrestling coach to the WWE with the promise of making him the 'lead wrestler', he speaks in a polite english voice and also talks about wrestling like acting like the boys did earlier. The boys are frustrated and begin brawling amongst themselves, blaming each other for the lost opportunity. The rednecks are unimpressed by the real scuffle, deeming it "fake" and angrily leave. (A possible reference to the "Crash TV" format of modern professional wrestling which lacks the violence for the storylines) [1]


  • The wrestling personalities that the kids have in the WTF are similar to other WWE wrestlers:
    • Stan - Stan the Man (Randy Orton/Shawn Michaels)
    • Kyle - Juggernaut (C. M. Punk)
    • Cartman - Rad Russian (The Big Show/Undertaker)
    • Kenny - El Pollo Loco (Rey Mysterio)
    • Butters - Triceratops (Chris Jericho)
    • Token - Congo (R-Truth)
    • Jimmy - Hammerclaw
  • Throughout the episode, freestyle wrestling is mistaken as gay porn.
  • Cartman wears his wrestling tights backwards.
  • This is one of the few times Kenny is shown without his parka on.
  • Wrestling is presented as an opera-like show: with the boys acting like stereotypical actors, wine drinking intermissions, as well as McMahon using opera glasses. This being the statement that professional Wrestling is considered "not" real, but an act.
  • The Colorado balloon incident is briefly mentioned twice as headlines for the South Park Gazette, "BOY LOST IN BALLOON", "BALLOON STUNT'S A HOAX".
  • Kenny's death in this episode marks his lastest death since The Ring.
  • At the WWE event, Cartman is seen wearing a shirt that says, "Get the 'F' Out", a reference to World Wrestling Entertainment changing its name from World Wrestling Federation in 2002.
  • Vanessa is a very possible parody of Lita.
  • As a luchador, the mask Kenny wears has the same design as the signature mask of Blue Demon, widely considered to be one of the greatest Mexican wrestlers of his time.
  • Despite being Canadian, the wrestler Edge doesn't have a Pac-Man style head.
  • One of Cartman's assistants in Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy is shown in the WWE audience in the beginning.
  • The show that the kids created is called Smackdown. Smackdown is a real WWE show.
  • Both WWE wrestlers John Cena and Edge are shown at the beginning in this episode.
  • One of the bikers that appears in the later episode The F Word, appears in the audience and sympathizes with the wrestling teacher about losing his job.
  • Vince McMahon went to see the boys Smackdown event. Coincidental to how vince was once an owner of the same brand.

Kenny's Death

Gets hit by a rocket fired by the wrestling coach.


  • Kenny died but at the end one can hear Cartman and Kenny yelling at each other.
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