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Vosky was a member of the Burger King Bandits, who appears in the Season Twelve episode, "Super Fun Time".


When the group seized control of Pioneer Village, Franz told Vosky and Domino to search for anyone who was hiding. He happened to came upon Cartman and Butters, who were sneaking back in, and ordered them first to put their hands up, and for Butters to let go of Cartman's hand, or else he would shoot them. Butters refused, and used Cartman as a blunt object to bludgeon Vosky, knocking him down. The two boys ran away as Vosky recovered and shot at them.


Vosky is tall and slender and wears black pants and a heavy, black jacket. He has light brown hair. He can be seen holding an assault rifle with an underbarrel grenade launcher. He also appears to be wearing an earpiece to communicate with other members of Franz's gang.


  • In one scene, Franz mistakenly calls him Orlich.

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