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Visitors are the aliens who came to Earth and gave Eric Cartman an Anal Probe in the pilot episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe". They also kidnapped Ike Broflovski later in the same episode. After observing Planet Earth, Visitors came to the conclusion that cows were the most intelligent species on earth.


South Park's animators have "hidden" visitors in many episodes, although the frequency has decreased as the series has progressed. They poke fun at this practice in "Cancelled" when the receptionist at the proctologist's office is a Visitor disguised only in a wig. Then to the sound of percussive music, this Visitor dramatically removes their wig. In later seasons, it was a contest for viewers to find where they were hidden.


Visitors are typical looking aliens (like Roswell) with gray skin. They are tall and skinny with tear drop shaped heads. They have tall skinny eyes and no noses. They do not wear clothing and do not have any additional distinguishing features.

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  • Carl is the only named Visitor. He is one of the Visitors that gave Eric Cartman an anal probe. He was new and was accidentally turning cows inside out.
  • The hidden Visitor in "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig" on the 'Our Pets' board is also named Carl.
  • The Visitors' language consists of only one word, "Moo". This is likely because they studied cows and learned to imitate their language.


In the show, there is a long-running gag of Visitors appearing, either as prominent characters or hidden in many episodes of the show. Some of these episodes include:


South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the Visitors are the main type of enemies during the first night of the game. While the New Kid is asleep in their bed, aliens come and abduct them and attempt to stick an anal probe up their butt, but the player stops it by clenching their butt very hard. This scene is not shown in Europe or Australia. Afterwards, the player goes through the ship to get him and Randy Marsh off the ship. Once the New Kid defeats the pilot of the spaceship, it crashes into South Park, and a new Taco Bell restaurant is planned on being built there. However, when the ship crashed, a mysterious green goo spreads across South Park, turning any organic life forms into Nazi Zombies.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole[]

Though not prominent in gameplay, an alien does appear in some of the the New Kid's "backstories" (depending on the powers the player chose), presented by Cartman. In one of the stories, the alien appears as a brief fighting ally.

Hidden Visitor Locations[]

Season One[]

  • Visitors appear in the credits - one is hiding behind a building, and there are a large group standing by the road later on.
  • "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"
    • Besides the hidden Visitors, many Visitors are featured as non-hidden characters of this episode.
    • A Visitor can be seen on the "milk is yummy" picture in the school.
    • When the boys enter the cafeteria to get their food while talking to Chef, a dark colored visitor is on the leftmost tray of food.
  • "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride" - In the audience of the football game, there are two visitors seated on the upper right, wearing cow hats.
  • "Pinkeye"
    • At the morgue, a miniature Visitor is seen in a jar.
    • A crashed UFO can be seen when Liane Cartman is decorating the house.
    • Back at the morgue, a Visitor can also be seen on a calendar.
    • A Visitor is on Chef's belt buckle as he enters the morgue.
    • A Visitor fetus is seen in a capsule in the morgue.
  • "Damien"
    • In the very beginning, there are four drawings of visitors on the classroom board directly behind Wendy.
    • A Visitor can be seen In the whirlwind that occurs as Satan speaks.
    • A Visitor is also in the boxing match crowd near Stan's mom.
    • Another Visitor is behind the mayor during the boxing match.
    • A "Have you seen me?" poster with a Visitor is seen flying through the air in Damien's anger.
  • "Tom's Rhinoplasty" - A Visitor is on the board in the classroom. When the kids are under their desks, the visitor on the bottom right blinks.
  • "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" - Near the end of the episode, after Ned says 'Could be', the camera zips past the visitor that is behind Chief Running Water.

Season Two[]

  • As with season one, Visitors can be seen multiple times in the credits.
  • "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus" - Two Visitors appear in this episode:
    • Visitors can be seen sitting on the stands with Cow hats and in Tehran.
    • When Phillip spots Terrance's Daughter, Sally Dion, a Visitor can be seen on the left, in the crowd near Sally.
  • "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut" - A Visitor is standing among the crowd of Cartman's potential fathers in the hospital, behind Chief Running Water again.
  • "Chickenlover" - A Visitor is seen brushing a horse at the petting zoo.
  • "Conjoined Fetus Lady" - In the middle of the dodgeball game in Denver, while Chef talks to Pip, a picture behind Chef shows a Visitor playing tennis.
  • "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka" - In detention while the kids are whispering a visitor can be seen on a 'Have You Seen Me?' poster in the middle of the screen.
  • "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)" - Before the children fall into a big bucket of ice cream, a Visitor is cramped in between Kyle and Cartman while falling.
  • "Summer Sucks" - A Visitor can be seen tanding in the pool where Cartman is getting his swimming lessons.
  • "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls" - Three Visitors can be found in this episode:
    • Rushing out of the theater with the others at the end of "Me and Mr. Hankey".
    • At the "Bijou" on the 2nd row from the back, behind the man with the cowboy hat.
    • When Stan and Wendy go in and see, "A Bunch of Gay Cowboys Eating Pudding", the visitor is in the same row but it is one seat more to the right.
  • "Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods" - In the final scene when Cartman speaks about being on TV and a hero, a Visitor's silhouette is on a computer console, with colored lights making up the eyes.
  • "Cow Days" - Two Visitors appear in this episode:
    • Peeking out of the freaks tent when Kyle tells Kenny to give up his food stamps.
    • Driving the limo at the end of the episode.
  • "Spookyfish" - There are two Visitors in this episode:
    • Before Cartman meets his evil counterpart, the woman on the sign has a Visitor's head.
    • When Stan's dog is digging up the dead bodies, you can see a (green) Visitor behind a tree.
  • "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!" - While racing from the mall, Manson's tattoo changes from a smiley face to a Visitor.
  • "Gnomes" - Appears in the final scene, standing in the back row of the group shot outside Harbucks Coffee House while everyone is laughing at Tweek.

Season Three[]

  • Visitors appear in this season's credits at the start of each episode.
  • "Spontaneous Combustion" - The outline of the face of a Visitor can be seen on the moon, when Cartman dreams that Chef rescues him from the cross.
  • "Cat Orgy" – Behind Ripley when Cartman is watching "Aliens".
  • "The Red Badge of Gayness" - When Cartman screams when Kyle rips off Cartman's beard, it shows the home planet of the visitors with a crowd of visitors on it.

Season Four[]

  • As with previous seasons, Visitors are present in the opening credits.
  • "Chef Goes Nanners" - When Chef discovered Jimbo and Ned wearing KKK robes, for one second, a Visitor is seen standing in the shadows next to a tree, in the same color as the tree.
  • "Something You Can Do with Your Finger" – On one of the pillars that hold up the bridge in a picture above Stan's parents bed, before they go to the mall.
  • "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?" - There are two Visitor sightings in this episode:
    • On both sides of the confessional when Cartman is thrown out. Look at the top of the confessional.
    • Beyond a tree when Cartman is baptizing Kyle, Timmy, and Ike.
  • "Probably" - On top of Cartman's Church.
  • "Fourth Grade" - Seen on Star Trek Dorks' computer and a noticeboard in the classroom.

Season Five[]

  • "It Hits the Fan" – In Merlin's lair, opposite the entrance.
  • "Super Best Friends" - Two Visitors appear in this episode:
    • Upside down in Jesus' reflection when he lines up with the others.
    • Part of one appears at the David Blaine show in Denver in the overhead screen.
  • "Proper Condom Use" - Two ghostly visitors can be seen watching Butters putting on a condom in a tree.
  • "Towelie" - On one of the towel clones behind the blonde haired leader of the group trying to take Tynacorp down when he is telling the boys how they have been double crossed.

Season Six[]

  • "Jared Has Aides" - Five visitors can be seen in this episode:
    • Chef uses a Visitor shaped spoon when he leads the boys into the kitchen.
    • When Jared follows his girlfriend out, if you look very closely to his left is a Visitor on the wall.
    • When Jimbo announces that AIDS is funny, a Visitor is seen over Mayor McDaniels' head.
    • When Tuong Lu Kim pays the boys for their work, one is seen behind the post office.
    • When Jared walks outside in the rain after being fired, there is a visitor made of fire in the barrel he walks by (It is only seen for a very short time).
  • "Asspen" - Two Visitors appear in this episode:
    • When Cartman joins in for breakfast, a visitor replaces Kyle's chair support.
    • One looks at Thumper teaching, then skis off.
  • "Fun with Veal" - Next to Butters when Cartman starts the negotiation.
  • "Professor Chaos" - In front of the "Yeti Log Ride".
  • "Red Hot Catholic Love" - Atop the obelisk at "Vatican Square".
  • "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" - A ghostly visitor in between Chef and Liane at John Edward's show.
  • "My Future Self n' Me" - Under the window in Butters' living room.
  • "Red Sleigh Down" - In the crowd in the second scene where the mayor announces the Christmas lights will be lit shortly. He is in the crowd cheering, slightly above Dr. Mephesto to the right of the screen.
  • There is a visitor standing by a picture of Saddam in the streets of Iraq (This one is very very small because it shows a large area of Iraq)

Season Seven[]

Season Eight[]

Season Nine[]

  • "Bloody Mary" - On the right side of the screen, mixed with the car background, as Stan is talking with his father. This Visitor is seen only in one part of the scene change, after Randy finds out that the Virgin Mary statue is bleeding.

Season Ten[]

Season Eleven[]

Season Twelve[]

  • "Tonsil Trouble" - In the audience at the end of the episode.
  • "Britney's New Look" - A silhouette of a Visitor dances on a video wall at the 2007 VMA's.
  • "Major Boobage" - Painted on the arch Kenny sees when he spots the woman being tortured.
  • "Canada on Strike" - There are two Visitors in this episode:
    • In one scene in Canada, one rectangular building's windows shape the visitor's head.
    • Eye-less alien peering past a black Canadian.
  • "Eek, A Penis!" - Green visitor is against a tree behind Kenny's left shoulder.
  • "Over Logging" - A well-dressed Visitor can be seen standing on the far left behind the clothesline, while a man tells Randy all about the Internet Porn Simulator.
  • "Super Fun Time" - There are two Visitors in this episode:
    • Etched into the wooden fence on the left-hand side, behind the policemen, after the Pioneer Village employees say they're leaving for TGI Friday's.
    • When the criminals enter Pioneer Village, Stan, Wendy, Kyle, and Jimmy are in the General Store. When the store owner shuts the door, you can see a faded visitor from out the window.

Season Thirteen[]

  • "Dead Celebrities" - After they announce the winner at the end. He is sitting with the audience with a wig and make-up on.
  • "Butters' Bottom Bitch" - There are two visitors in this episode:
    • When it shows Butters with his tie, and the other playground kids about to go behind the school to kiss the girl. He is really small, in the very far background, behind the jungle gym.
    • When Butters gives a "sunshine sticker" to Charise, a visitor can be seen on the upper right corner of Butters' pimp schedule.
  • "W.T.F." - There are five Visitors in this episode:
    • At the pay phone just outside the Pepsi Center entrance.
    • Rushing out the front entrance near the Visitor above.
    • On a woman's shirt.
    • Behind a woman, before she walks by and blocks him out of view.
    • A girl is carrying a Visitor doll in her hand.
  • "Whale Whores" - On the crab fishing boat when it first appears, among the crowd. Only eyes are visible.
  • "The F Word" - Hidden against the wall outside "Ronny's Diner".
  • "Dances with Smurfs" - When Cartman is sitting down, in the background in the door.
  • "Pee" - Holding a banana and wearing sunglasses at the end of the episode, in front of an ambulance.

Season Fifteen[]

Season Twenty-Four[]

  • "The Pandemic Special" - A Visitor can be seen running for a split second when Mayor McDaniels observes the riots throughout South Park from her office.
  • "South ParQ Vaccination Special" - Two are seen in line outside Walgreens to get a vaccine and later run after the boys for the vaccine. They can also be seen at the end, celebrating the end of the pandemic.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut[]

  • On one of the dollar bills that Stan gets from his mom. It is quickly replaced with a human head.
  • Cartman has a photo of an alien in a frame.
  • A poster of a Visitor with the caption "Have You Seen Me?" is seen in the South Park Elementary Cafeteria.
  • When the children watch rewatch Asses of Fire after the song "It's Easy, Mmm'kay", a black alien is seen on the left in the movie theater.
  • On the money Sheila hands over to Conan O'Brien.
  • On Cartman's left in "Mountain Town (Reprise)".

Pictures of Visitors[]

Video Games[]

South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

On the first night, the New Kid gets abducted by visitors and receives an anal probe. In order to escape, the New Kid is required to solve puzzles on board the visitor's ship, and defeat several visitors such as the Alien Pilots.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole

A visitor briefly appears in the third origin story for the New Kid, and appears as a playable character in the backstory if the player’s class is Plantmancer.

South Park: Phone Destroyer[]

The Visitors are a 3-Cost Rare Ranged unit of the Sci-fi theme. They have no abilities.

South Park: Snow Day![]

Seen frozen in a UFO with a cow in the first chapter of the game after freeing Randy from the ice.


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