Vernon Trumski is an overweight child who is similar to Cartman in appearance and mannerisms, even trying to control his mother. Vernon somehow came into possession of Lemmiwinks after his escape from Mr. Slave's rectum. Vernon appears in the Season Fifteen episode, "Bass to Mouth", when the boys and other students of South Park Elementary take Lemmiwinks from him to stop Wikileaks.


After learning from Catatafish where Lemmiwinks has been living, the children and staff of South Park Elementary rush over to Vernon's home to retrieve him. After a brief confrontation, they are successful. They bring Lemmiwinks to the school to fight his brother Wikileaks and stop the gossip on Eavesdropper. It was never revealed how Vernon came into possession of Lemmiwinks.


Vernon is overweight. He has curly brown hair and freckles. He wears a white shirt tucked into gray pants. He also wears an unbuttoned, green shirt over his white shirt.


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