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Vatican is a sovereign nation located within the country of Italy. It has been shown in Season Six episode, "Red Hot Catholic Love" and Season Eleven episode, "Fantastic Easter Special".


The Vatican is the center of all Roman Catholic activity around the world. It the home to the Pope and has a history dating back 2,000 years.

Red Hot Catholic Love

Priest Maxi announces to his congregation a Catholic cruise organized under the title "Young Men's Catholic Retreat". The parents' fear over the Catholic molestation cases in the news give way to suspicion of their Priest Maxi. All of the parents hire A counselor to South Park Elementary to ask questions if Father Maxi has ever used inappropriate behavior toward the class. The parents meanwhile cannot wait for an answer and quit the congregation vowing to become atheists. Disturbed by the lack of trust from the community, Priest Maxi travels to the Vatican to ask questions in how to get the peoples faith back. Other priests around the world and includes an alien race called the Gelgameks, are having the same problems. But instead of saying they are innocent of the molestation charges they priests claim it is apart of Catholic Holy Document of Vatican Law and it does not say that molesting boys is wrong. Priest Maxi goes to the underground catacombs and recovers the Holy Document of Vatican Law and returns to the other priests. They Pope says they ask the highest source, which turns out to be the Queen Spider. The Queen says the law cannot be changed. Priest Maxi rips the document in half and accuses the priests they have lost touch with outside world and the traditions need to be updated to fit in the modern world.

Fantastic Easter Special

(to be continued)

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