The Vaping Man is a mascot who appears in the Season Twenty-Two episode "Tegridy Farms". He is a parody of the Kool-Aid mascot, the Kool-Aid Man.


In the South Park Elementary cafeteria, the Vaping Man crashes through one of the walls after Cartman calls out to him in an attempt to sell vaping pens to little kids. Kyle goes to talk to Cartman about the Vaping Man, asking Cartman how much he owes his vaping dealer.

Later on, the Vaping Man crashes through the fence of the Mackey Residence when Kyle tries talking to Cartman and Butters, angrily asking them where his money is.


The Vaping Man is a large vape with red liquid and a Kool-Aid Man-esque face. He has yellow buttons on his right side, the words "Vaping Man" written in white on his left side, and a spout with mist coming out of it. He wears white gloves and is seen holding smaller multicolored vapes in his hands.

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