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  • TOkun592

    I know this has nothing to do with South Park Canon, but I feel I must tell everyone who is reading this about these two awesome things. Fanfiction.Net is becoming littered with crap, and one person, Marcus Absent, has set up a site that only allows good fanfics. I know several writers who have left Fanfiction.Net out of frustration over these crap stories.

    As for The Mysterion Mythos, this is a great fanfic by a writing team calling themselves, Jizena. They have written an awesome South Park fanfic where The Coon and Friends are older and are actual heroes.

    I hope this can stay up.

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  • TOkun592

    Guess what? I went ahead and saw when South Park would ba back. I then counted ahead several weeks and found that one episode will be set to air on HALLOWEEN!!!! Has this ever happened? I don't remember. If it has, please tell us.

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  • TOkun592

    Heroes and Villains

    December 25, 2011 by TOkun592

    Greetings everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I am waiting for my family to wake - up, and I thought of this as I was editing my profile. This blog will be about my thoughts of who would be good heroes and good ( Or is it bad? ) villains. I will discuss how Professor Chaos, Mysterion, The Coon, and General Disarray would make great Heroes / Villains.

    Professor Chaos would make a great villain, because his childhood was filled with abuse. He was sexually molested by an uncle, he was beaten, severely, by his parents, he is shunned, insulted, humilated, and physically abused by other kids, and he has seen countless people die, having causing the deaths in " You Got F'd in the A ", twice. Healso witnessed his father masturbating in a gay bath house…

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  • TOkun592

    Who is your favorite South Park Superhero?

    And who do you think is the best out of all the superheroes? Please pick who you think would win in a fight ( If their super powers were real. ).

    The Coon

    The Coon is the superhero identity of Eric Cartman. The Coon fights people using deception and ambushes. The Coon uses bladed claws to attack his enemies. The Coon is shown to be a hero in some ways, as he destroys San Franciso, which was filled enough Smug to consume an entire city, and exterminating The Hippies at Burnung Man, which were shown to be highly destructive, nearly destroying South Park. The Coon also takes control of Cthulhu, a dark God from another dimension, making Him do all of the aforementioned deeds. The Coons weakness is his la…

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  • TOkun592

    Who would you rather be?

    October 18, 2011 by TOkun592

    I would like to know who people would rather be out these people.

    • Eric Theodore Cartman.
    • Kenny McCormick. 5
    • Stan Marsh. 1
    • Kyle Broflovski. 1
    • Towelie.
    • Chef.
    • Mr. Garrison.
    • God.
    • Jesus Christ.
    • Satan.
    • Saddam Hussein.
    • Cthulhu. 2
    • Scott Tennorman.
    • Wendy Teataburger.
    • Bebe Stevens.
    • Jimmy Vulmer.
    • Timmy Burch.
    • Leopold " Butters " Stotch.
    • TOkun592.
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