Currently, every page has an attached talk page, for discussion about the article and/or how to improve it. However, far too often somebody will post a question or comment regarding a specific article and it will be weeks/months before there is a reply.

Another option is to have a short comment section at the bottom of articles (just like the bottom of this blog post). Article comments give the visitors a chance to comment on the articles more freely, whereas the "Talk" pages can be less open. It has its pros and cons, as article comments generally do give fans a sense of more boldness and freedom to talk amongst themselves, which may become a problem in some cases.

The My Little Pony Wiki does use this system and it works well for them.

More urgent or in-depth discussions would be moved to the Forum, which would have a better chance at receiving a reply.

Pros and Cons

  • Talk page; These offer in-depth discussion, though most of the time we don't use them. This is the standard format and is the same as on wikipedia, theoretically this means its more familair. However, for some reason readers are less inclined to use them.
  • Article Comments; Immediate and more open then Talk pages, but do not allow in-depth discussions. They are more open for comments of all sorts but are much more time consuming to check and more open to abuse. If we do go for article comments, in-depth discussions will be moved to the forum.

What do you think?

Comment Sections or Talk pages?

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