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1. HumancentiPad

I thought this was a hysterical parody of The Human Centipede which was dished out well. Cartman's side-plot was funny and was good that it had a connection with the Kyle A-plot. Overuse of the "fuck me" jokes kind of took of points. But overall still a great episode.

2. Funnybot

It was good to go back to non-parodies after a great start to the season. There's definitely been stronger eps of SP but it was still good for a laugh. "I wouldn't let Adam Sandler suck my saggy tits for one million dollars worth of Oprah's tampons" still cracks me up til this day. The lately put in Osama jokes were great and it was good to see SP go back to it's quick Cultural References.

3. Royal Pudding

4. T.M.I.

5. Crack Baby Athletic Association

6. City Sushi

7. You're Getting Old

This was a brilliant Mid-Season Finale. It was upsetting to see people sad about the Stan moving thing and ignore the brilliant self-references and references to kids music these days. The shit out of the ducks mouth was hysterical and Randy as Steamy Ray Vaughn was great. The two farmers were funny as, too.

8. Ass Burgers

9. The Last of the Meheecans

10. Bass to Mouth

11. Broadway Bro Down

It was great to see Matt and Trey team up with Bobby Lopez to collaborate more music after The Book of Mormon. The songs were great, the plot was brilliant and was great to see some Shelley. Her and Larry Feegan was great.

12. 1%

13. A History Channel Thanksgiving

It was good to see another holiday episode and this episode definitely didn't ruin the occassion. The Natalie Portman jokes, the Kyle period gags, EVERYTHING was just perfect. The Green Lantern reference was great, too. After a number of Cartman episodes, it was great to see everyone have a turn.

14. The Poor Kid

A great Kenny episode with a very well crafted Cartman B-plot. Making fun of the reality-Cop TV shows was great and the agnostic people just made the episode way funnier. The fat guy who kept making lame jokes was hysterical and the episode was a great way to end an epic season.