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    April 20, 2012 by LThomson

    I kind of feel like I abandoned this wiki, shouldn't have, the wiki I tried in this wiki's place was depressing. I'm going to try get more active on this one, but mainly the fanon do a script series or something.

    EDIT: Here's my account for posting the scripts, I haven't posted any yet but will soon (hopefully). [snip]

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  • LThomson

    1. HumancentiPad

    I thought this was a hysterical parody of The Human Centipede which was dished out well. Cartman's side-plot was funny and was good that it had a connection with the Kyle A-plot. Overuse of the "fuck me" jokes kind of took of points. But overall still a great episode.

    2. Funnybot

    It was good to go back to non-parodies after a great start to the season. There's definitely been stronger eps of SP but it was still good for a laugh. "I wouldn't let Adam Sandler suck my saggy tits for one million dollars worth of Oprah's tampons" still cracks me up til this day. The lately put in Osama jokes were great and it was good to see SP go back to it's quick Cultural References.

    3. Royal Pudding

    4. T.M.I.

    5. Crack Baby Athletic Association

    6. …

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    Season 15 Finale Premieres Tonight At 10:00 P.M.

    All-New Season 15 Episodes Available In HD Exclusively On Xbox
    LIVE, iTunes, Sony
    PlayStation Network, Amazon Video On Demand

    New York, November 16, 2011 - Trey Parker and Matt Stone have reached a new deal with COMEDY CENTRAL to extend cable's longest-running animated series, "South Park," it was announced today by Michele Ganeless, president, COMEDY CENTRAL. The deal for three additional seasons ensures the top-rated Emmy and Peabody Award-winning series will remain in original episodes through 2016 and a milestone 20th season. Parker and Sto…

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  • LThomson

    The South Park website did it, so I'm doing it here.

    1. Spontaneous Combustion
    2. Toilet Paper
    3. 201
    4. The Losing Edge
    5. You're Getting Old
    6. The Last of the Meheecans
    7. Osama bin Laden has Farty Pants
    8. Child Abduction is Not Funny
    9. Super Best Friends
    10. The Simpsons Already Did It

    Feel free to add your top 10 in the comments!

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  • LThomson

    Season 15 Episode Ratings

    October 13, 2011 by LThomson

    Okay - here's my final list of my favourite episodes of Season 15 which will be edited when new episodes come out.

    Some have changed because I've watched them again and again and changed my opinions.

    1. Bass to Mouth - 97%
    2. You're Getting Old - 95%
    3. Broadway Bro Down - 92%
    4. The Last of the Meheecans - 90%
    5. A History Channel Thanksgiving - 89%
    6. HumancentiPad - 87%
    7. The Poor Kid - 86%
    8. Ass Burgers - 85%
    9. T.M.I - 83%
    10. City Sushi - 75%
    11. Crack Baby Athletic Association - 73%
    12. Funnybot - 67%
    13. 1% - 63%
    14. Royal Pudding - 60%
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