Can you believe South Park is entering Season 18? To celebrate its epic milestone, we decided to put together a little menu for a premiere party, should you choose to host one. South Park is home to some of Colorado's "finest" cuisine, from City Wok to Raisins, and we picked food that best represents the spirit of South Park!

Welcome to Raisins! Who can forget South Park's best place for chicken wings, also known for Butters's heartbreak? Serve your guests some tasty raisin bread as a light appetizer!


Sliders are perfect party food. Just don't scare your guests by trying Cartman's secret recipe!


Are you planning to throw a party worth of Satan's Super Sweet Sixteen? Really make a splash with a fancy cake that will make you the center of attention.

Birthday - Ferrari cake

We're all about supporting local businesses like Tweek Bros. Coffeehouse. For a nice caffeine buzz like Tweek's, check out this fun cocktail!


Which recipe is your favorite?

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