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State of the Wiki - March 2019
Welcome to the March edition of the State of the Wiki. It's been quite awhile, so in this post I'll talk about changes made in the past month and what's to come for the wiki.

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General News
  • NOTABLE: A new FANDOM feature (being tested early on South Park Archives) auto saves your edit drafts in case you were to somehow get off of that page you're working on! FANDOM staff member Kirkburn left a thread post with more information Here. Try this new feature out today and be sure to send feedback to FANDOM!
  • NOTABLE: We've decided to enable anonymous editing from today until this upcoming Sunday. South Park Archives and most other FANDOM wiki's have anon editing disabled because it can cause some vandalism problems. We've enabled it to see if it could cause a spike in editors, however we are not afraid to take action on vandals if anything happens. You can tell a user is anon because their IP address will show up instead of a username (meaning they have no FANDOM account, or they aren't logged in).
  • There's some small updates on our homepage project, including a new timeline, more information in the next section.
  • Want to help out with the Tabbed Infobox Project? See this page!
  • Want to keep up to date with Projects on South Park Archives? See this page!
  • You can vote for April's Here.
South Park Archives Homepage Project

We currently are weighing three options for our homepage:

  • 1. Complete Redo- We've looked at many wikis for inspiration with this idea and we would basically completely redo our homepage, this option takes the most time and is the most challenging since it would require hundreds of new templates. It is the most visually appealing option though.
  • 2. Add new sections- In the meantime, or as a more permanent solution, we could add our discord to the homepage and a navigational structure with links to characters, episodes and video games.
  • 3. Enlist FANDOMs community team- FANDOM has a team of members who have worked on homepages before so that's also an option.

No matter which option we choose, removing things like FAQ's and Manuals from the homepage, and adding more content navigation will be a key factor. We don't have an ETA on this project but hopefully it could be finished by the start of the next season.

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That's a wrap!
Thank you for reading South Park Archives' State of the Wiki for March 2019! Join us again next month, there will be a lot to report on. If there's something you'd like to see featured next month, let us know in a comment below!
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