Hello everybody! I'm excited to announce our newest bureaucrat on South Park Archives!



SG has been amazing as an administrator and I know as a Bureaucrat he will continue to lookout for the best interest of the wiki and community. After working with him for almost a year, I know he's very passionate about what he does here and has a constant drive to do the best work he can. He's also been a great person to get to know and has a strong passion for South Park. SG's promotion is going to change the Bureaucrat titles in the coming days. I will become the Senior Bureaucrat, James will become the Lead Bureaucrat and SG will assume James's old role of Assistant Bureaucrat.

SG is dedicated to South Park Archives and the community. His knowledge of the show, of the wiki, of FANDOM and his drive, talent and great personality makes him a huge asset to South Park Archives. In addition to myself, James and our two great administrators (Technical58CZ & Cryptar).

Reaching bureaucrat status on South Park Archives isn't an easy task no doubt and takes a lot of hard work and dedication. So I hope you'll join me in thanking SG for what he's done and congratulating him on this major achievement.

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