Hey everybody, HighJewElfKing here. If you have not joined our amazing Discord, you probably should do that, and you can here! For those of you who are already joined in our Discord, and for our new users I hope by now you've noticed our amazing family and community there, we always thrive during the season and one of those reasons why is because of our awesome #episode-live-chat channels where we watch the episodes live and react to them together. I have been thinking the past few weeks on how we can keep this going during the off season, and use this to our advantage, I think I've figured it out now...


Watch parties are pretty self explanatory, we watch something together live and chat about it. We can use this not only for our social fun stuff but also as a tool to help us and all of you with wiki editing.


We start off in the Discord itself with three channels to make this work, #watch-party-info, #watch-party-discussion and of course #watch-party-live-chat. We next involve Kast ( which allows all of you to watch the videos, it's free and most of you can join on any device, as long as you create an account.

  1. Watch-Party-Info - This is where we will share info on how to join, and on the next steam and a time zone converter
  2. Watch-Party-Live-Chat - Kast has built in chat, but that's no fun, so instead we'll use this channel to chat during the movie or show or whatever is playing (only open 24 hrs before and after something is playing)
  3. Watch-Party-Discussion - Is where we will discuss & vote on what we will show next and it'll serve as our pre/after show chat channel.


Our first stream will be "Home Alone 2: Lost In New York" an awesome all around Christmas film, followed by South Park episodes, "Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo" and "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!" from that point on we'll vote on what to show next. Time Zones: I want everybody to join us for this, so therefore we will pick the best time for MOST people in the USA, Canada Eh! and Europe. Those times are: Home Alone 2: Saturday December 21st at 12PM (New York / US East Coast and Canada East 12PM), (10AM Denver/ West Coast US Canada/MST), (8:00PM Copenhagen / Central Europe), (5PM London/UK, Paris) South Park Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo TBA South Park Woodland Critter Christmas, TBA We will work to pick the best timezones for everybody. To find when this happens in YOUR timezone please go to this website.

FUTURE Streams:

In the future after these first three streams, we will allow everybody and anybody to propose what we show next and we will hold a vote in the channel. If nobody has ideas on what to watch or if there's a certain circumstance, we will pick South Park episodes that could use the most help with editing on the wiki. We will do streams once every two weeks or so.

Wrap up:

I'm very excited to announce this today to help improve our Discord's social activity during the off peak season. This is a fantastic way to keep us all engaged and having fun, but also to help encourage you all to edit our wonderful wiki. I welcome feedback and suggestions on this as we go, as most of what we show will be determined by you all. As always THANK YOU for being a part of the South Park Archives/ SPA Discord family, I LOVE YOU!


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