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Sooooooo, What did everybody think of last night's episode "The Problem with a Poo"? 2CC9BCAE-B55A-41BB-80C5-82C733889BC7.png

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Personally, Wow. Just Wow. I liked the episodes storyline and plot. Especially the PC Principal and Strong Woman parts. The Mr. Hankey parts were funny with the references to Brett Kavanagh in this week's episode. But Kyle... Poor Kyle... My God :( I thought that was a pretty upsetting ending to the episode and I think it gives a life lesson, you can't always defend people's actions. In any case I really enjoyed the Simpsons mention at the end and the PC Principal Strong Woman parts, as well as seeing Mr. Hankey again, although he may be off to a new place for good now. Also nice to Heidi is back to normal. All and all I thought this was a good episode and would rate it 8/10 Good Episode!

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