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  • I live in Kyle's House
  • I was born on March 21
  • My occupation is Fandom Movies/TV Wiki Team, SPA B-Crat, Community Council
  • I am Male
  • Bio Hello! I’m HighJewElfKing! I'm part of the Movies and TV Wiki Manager team here at Fandom! You may see around Fandom helping out various wikis. You also can reach out to me if you are an admin on a Movies/ TV wiki community and I'll do my best to help you! I am a huge fan of South Park and have been editing on South Park Archives for 3 years and currently am a Bureaucrat over at SPA. I've seen almost every episode of South Park and love talking to people about my favorite character Kyle Broflovski! I also like to watch Game of Thrones and Futurama.
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  • HighJewElfKing

    Hello everybody! I'm excited to announce our newest admin on South Park Archives!



    I could tell from the moment he started editing here that he was very dedicated and passionate. His help making character pages and many other articles was really helpful last season and the help he can give us during the next season is invaluable and it will only help our wiki with an extra person on hand to assist us. He joins our current team of admins, to remind you they are: Myself, Jamesb1, SilasGreaves12, Cryptar, Technical58CZ and User:RickGT as our Fandom Content Team Member. We will keep working hard for all of you, we are all dedicated here and won't stop making this wiki the #1 place for South Park information! Be sure…

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  • HighJewElfKing

    Happy Holidays to all of you!

    This year, It's been incredible. We had the biggest Discord and wiki growth ever and our Discord REALLY has become quite a special place this year. I also now am employed by Fandom and get to do what I love for work, working with wikis. 2020 is a new decade, and it's going to be huge for us here at SPA and for Fandom. There will be some major and exciting announcements to come in the new year. I can't understate how much I love our South Park community, whether you're one of our awesome admins and chat mods, a Discord user or one of our absolutely amazing editors, I'm very thankful to have you all in our awesome community!

    That said, I am extremely proud to show all of you our 4th annual photo! Made by the legen…

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  • HighJewElfKing

    Hey everybody, HighJewElfKing here. If you have not joined our amazing Discord, you probably should do that, and you can here! For those of you who are already joined in our Discord, and for our new users I hope by now you've noticed our amazing family and community there, we always thrive during the season and one of those reasons why is because of our awesome #episode-live-chat channels where we watch the episodes live and react to them together. I have been thinking the past few weeks on how we can keep this going during the off season, and use this to our advantage, I think I've figured it out now...

    Watch parties are pretty self explanatory, we watch something together live and chat about it. We can use this not only for our social fun…

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  • HighJewElfKing

    Ho Ho Hi! HighJewElfKing here sadly we have details on this week's FINAL new episode! This episode is called "Christmas Snow". As always I'll attach the press release which is provided by the fine folks at South Park Studios:

    The Holidays are off to a rough start in the season 23 finale episode titled, “Christmas Snow” airing on Wednesday, December 11 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.

    It’s a bleak Christmas Season in South Park this year and it’s all Santa’s fault. He is single handedly stealing the joy from the holiday. The town just wants their Christmas Spirit back but that will take a Christmas miracle.

    All-new episodes from this season will be available to stream in HD exclusively on South Park Studios and Hulu the day after they pr…

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  • HighJewElfKing

    Hey Everyone! HighJewElfKing here with details on this week's new episode! This episode is called "Turd Burglars". As always I'll attach the press release which is provided by the fine folks at South Park Studios:

    Kyle and Ike are desperate to keep a lid on their mom’s medical condition in the newest episode of South Park titled, “Turd Burglars”” airing on Wednesday, November 27 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.

    Kyle’s mom looks so good after her fecal transplant that everyone wants to get their hands on her goods. Cartman and the boys jump into the quest for the best microbiome.

    All-new episodes from this season will be available to stream in HD exclusively on South Park Studios and Hulu the day after they premiere. Fans will continue t…

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