• I live in Singapore
  • I was born on June 17
  • I am Female
  • Bio You guys, I'm seriously, respect mah authoritah!
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  • HerbiMetal

    Hey everyone, HerbiMetal here. I've been very active in editing South Park Archives and engaging in discussions since around end March. I'm a Discussions Moderator here and have 1990 edits at the time of writing. This is my first fan community and I have really enjoyed my time here. I would like to become an admin to be able to help out in more areas, especially when the new season starts (hopefully soon!)

    • I am very active here, so if there are users vandalizing, trolling, or insulting other users, I will spot it fast and take action.
    • I am good at spotting language errors and improving the quality of writing.
    • Now and then I spot duplicate files that can be cleaned up and interwiki links to protected pages.
    • I am very active on the Chinese wiki …
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