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    • 6th Grader Leader can be Troy Bowers.
    • The 6th Grader with Brown Hat can be Andy Dickman.
    • The 6th Grader with Green Hat can be Tony McCollum.
    • Girl with Pink Coat can be Stephanie Phillips.
    • Unnamed Brown Haired Boy can be Tom Saltzman.
    • Recess Supervisor can be Martha Stern.
    • Girls' Volleyball Coach can be Marsha Adams.

    • Therapist can be Dr. Floyd Martens.
    • Hellpass Hospital Older Doctor can be Dr. Willson Cooper (his design reminds me of that House M.D. character).
    • Senior AIDS researcher can be Owen Sullivan.
    • Black Haired Scientist can be Fred McCarthy.
    • Unplanned Parenthood Counselor can be Donna Rose.

    • Weight Gain 4000 Ad Actor can be Jacob McFatso.
    • Goo Man can be Vincent Rice (nod to Vincent Price).
    • Cameraman from "Weight Gain 4000" can be Steve DeLoise.

    • Pa…

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    December 6, 2019 by Dxrd

    Kenny's dad receives a letter on the mail, his wife thinks it looks too fancy to be another bill, turns out he inherited a 20 million dollars share of some old Scottish lord named Shaverlegs McCormick, whose illegitimate grandson is said to live in South Park, Colorado.

    Stuart who is in complete disbelief his grandparents weren't his biological ones, is picked off by a limo that takes him to Denver's airport and flies all the way to Scotland to take part in the funeral and the reading of the will; he is taking a lot of smack by the legitimate descendants of the dead McCormick, and is mostly ridiculed by these rich bastards about his poorness. Once he returns to America, Stuart decides to take good care of himself, he and his wife have a dis…

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  • Dxrd (The chorus has these lines: "Maybe I'm tripping, been smoking a bit too much weed, and a little too much to see...")

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    "CBA"/"Moist Gestures"

    October 20, 2019 by Dxrd

    An idea for a Season 23 episode:

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  • Dxrd

    Shared it on the official series' forum: - tell me what you think. :)

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