I'm an old dude, I was in college when South Park first hit the airwaves. My viewership of this show was spotty from season 5 onward, but I still tuned in pretty often. And then somewhere around season 11 or 12 I just didn't catch it very often any more. After playing through the video games recently, I realized I was missing a lot of the jokes, and that it's easier than ever to consumer the show, now that it's streaming on Hulu. I decided to go back and watch EVERY FUCKING EPISODE, starting with #001.

The early ones were tough - they really haven't aged well. It's also a little painful to watch Matt and Trey devote themselves so heavily to defending the wrong side of a once-controversial topic that has come to be definitively understood in the last 20 years (see Butt Out or Krazy Kripples). But it is interesting to go back to where the shows roots were. I'm now into the sophomore era, and enjoying it quite a bit more. This seems like the show's golden age to me, and I'm excited to continue to follow it past the episodes I'm familiar with.

In the meantime, it's given me a great opportunity to add to this wiki, checking off each ep as I view it. It gives me great pleasure when I catch an older pop culture reference that you whippersnappers haven't added yet. :D

It will never stop being weird to me that since the residents of South Park never age, I'm now older than Randy Marsh.

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