• Annonnimus

    End of Season 14b recap

    November 27, 2010 by Annonnimus

    During the second half of season 14 we reached a couple of major milestones;

    • This wiki now has more than 2000 articles. Mainly thanks to Neocarleen's work on episode articles.
    • Traffic report - The "Superhero episode arc" has brought us more visitors then ever. During the last month over 1.2 million pages were viewed by 113 thousand people.
    • 12/01/2010 - It looks like wikia is testing some changes to the 'Oasis' skin. Let's hope this is permanent. More info here. (The changes will not be visible to everybody)
      • The skin is now wider.
      • They removed the annoying 'wikia bar' from the top of the pages.
      • The side bar visible on all the articles is gone.
      • Blog comments don't work properly during this time.

    Should this wiki cover all the other stuff Matt and Tr…

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  • Annonnimus

    The 'New Look'

    October 2, 2010 by Annonnimus

    I am currently testing the "New Wikia Look" and made a new background for this wiki:

    Here's what ti looks like:

    If you'd like to change something about it, post a comment and I'll try to change it.

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  • Annonnimus

    Click this link to enter for a chance to win some Butters stuff.

    Also check out these two press releases:

    • A Little Box Of Butters
    • The Book of Mormon Press Release
    • And the official rules for the sweepstakes
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  • Annonnimus

    Prepare for the Future!

    September 9, 2010 by Annonnimus

    Wikia is set to undergo some fundamental changes in the near future.

    Here's some links that will keep you up to date on all the changes and new features.

    • All about the new look
    • Sneak Peek at the New Look - Themes
    • Next Steps Toward a New Look
    • Paving the way to Wikia's future
    • Your First Look at the New Wikia
    • Sneak Peek at the New Look - Community Activity
    • Sneak Peek at the New Look - Your Personal Toolbar
    • Experience the new Wikia
    • Wikia’s new look - FAQ
    • Beta testing - you can sign up to test all the new features. The first "super secret" phase will end at the end of September (I'm still waiting for my access to it). It will be followed by an "open public beta test", in which, every one will get access to it.
    • Transition guide to "New Look"
    • And here's a li…
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  • Annonnimus

    Achievement chaos

    August 28, 2010 by Annonnimus

    I knew there would be chaos after implementing the achievement system, it's not as bad as on other wikis but it's still visible. As with other wikis, things will go back to normal after a while. I've been editing with achievements since June so believe me, the temptation to get as many achievements as possible diminishes after a while.

    Adding categories is the easiest way to get achievements, since you will get points from both the edit track and the categories track. And coming up with new categories is really easy. The problem is that the articles are now flooded with a bunch of useless categories.

    List of categories that we don't really need (or do we?)

    • Parents
    • Buildings
    • Episodes with illnesses
    • 4th Graders
    • Adult Characters
    • Male Characters
    • Femal…

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