After arriving in a class room, Stan discovers that Wendy seems to be more attracted by a new kid named Ray. Stan is getting worried about his relations with Wendy due to Ray, who is a total 'D' student without any honors, being the only kid whose grades are lower than Cartman's. Throughout the class, Ray is being rude to Mr. Garrison when he asks him to stop chewing gum in class. It results him from being expelled from class for rude behavior.

During the class break, while the rest of the boys are seen playing football, Ray is laying on the snow staring at the birds in a blue sky. All the girls suddenly find such behavior attractive to them, especially Wendy. She personally joins him while he is listening to the trans music on his ipod. When Stan begins to watch them laying together on a snow, Kyle is trying to distract him from that by asking him to go back to school until the next class starts.

When at home, Stan tells his parents about that new kid who, as it seems to him, tries to 'steal' his girlfriend Wendy from him. On the next day at school, Principal Victoria announces about the upcoming dance party at the South Park Elementary. Stan sees it as a chance to invite Wendy. But, besides Ray, Stan is now having another much bigger problem - a threat from the 6th graders who tells Stan and his friends that they would beat them up if they appear on that party. Cartman assures Stan that, to the 6th graders, Ray is in the same category as they are. However, Cartman was wrong, as Ray later begins to assume that someone is plotting against him. Ray asks help for the sixth graders, and they agree to help him.

Seeing Stan being nervous and almost defeated, Kyle and Eric decides to save Stan from his depression by searching some information on Ray. Looking through numerous internet web pages, they are troubled with finding any information about him. Suddenly, after finally finding his facebook page and looking through some of his photos, Kyle discovers an extremely sudden thing. Meanwhile Cartman is eating dougnuts on is bed.

When the party starts on the next evening, Stan came there as a single, while Ray invites Wendy as it was expected earlier. Meanwhile, Kenny distracts studio stage workers by vomitting on the floor, as Kyle and Eric reaches the stage and, by using some familiar photos, reveal that Ray's real name is Mark Cotswolds who went to school before after studying at home. Stan then gets surprised, but not reacting that much. After being beat up by Mark in Hooked on Monkey Phonics, Kyle does the same to Mark, humiliating him in front of everybody in school hall with the words "get what you deserve, bitch". The episode ends with Mark leaving with tears and Stan reuniting with Wendy.