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June 6th, 2007.

Dear "Other Account Members",

I am new to the idea of being an account member here. I first logged in on June 6th, 2007, late at night. (In the wee hours of the morning.) This is actually the only thing I am a member of, but I am proud to now be a member.

When I first started editing here in Wikia, I saw that there was a lot of mess amongst the articles for the South Park characters. (This was way back in March, I believe, or it may have been April.) I first started by fixing up as much bad grammar as I could find, and by adding in more information. Then, when I learned how to create chapters in the articles, I began doing so. Recently, I started taking my levels of contributions much higher than that. Just last night, I created a whole article for Mr. and Mrs. McCormick, and just a little while ago, I created an article for Mr. and Mrs. Tweek. I have even learned how to make description boxes for the top right-hand corners of the articles, thanks to the help of the "Leopold Stotch" article.

When I saw some of the problems involving the images of the characters who already had their articles, I wanted to help them out. But I'm afraid I have yet to learn how that's done. I've posted requests for this work to be done, or for this knowledge to be given to me, but no one's done so yet. Perhaps some day, one of you will get one of my messages-in-the-bottle, and tell me how I can achieve this goal.

The neat thing is, that is what led to my becoming an account member!

In the meantime, though, I have several of the kid's articles, and Kenny's parents, and soon will have Tweek's parent's articles on my watchlist. So none of you had better try any vandalism on any of the following: Tweek, Mr. and Mrs. Tweek, Craig, Mr. and Mrs. McCormick, and Heidi. Otherwise, I will find out who did so, and I will get them for it... And that, my darlings, is a solemn vow!!!

Anyway, I look forward to participating in further movements for these articles, and possibly starting a few of my own.

Wilhelmina Will.