-going to be busy next three weeks so no time for my favourite TV show of all times :)
16:05, March 9, 2010 (UTC)~

-still working on Portal:Characters section...well,mostly there...also working on many background characters...

About me

-I'm a member of a sect,which is praying to its cult; a cult of Trey Parker and Matt Stone B)

-So glad that I can give my tribute to South Park series,in any way.

Often visited pages,about South Park

* Portal:Characters
* List of Episodes
* Wendy Testaburger

Favourite Quote

Season 7,Episode 14,"Raisins",15:07:

Linda: What are you spending all that money on,Butters?
Butters:On my girlfriend.
Linda: You...have a girlfriend,Butters?
Stephen:And she's a...girl,right?
Stephen:Well,allright.Good for you,Butters!
Linda: Oh,that is so cute,when are we get to meet her?
Butters:Well,I was hoping you going to see her right now,you can come along.

But,don't embarrass me or nothing;I'm sure she'll be real nervous to impress you.

Stephen:Don't worry,Butters,we just wanted to say hi and then leave you two alone.
Stephen:You see,I told you he wouldn't turn out gay.
Linda: Allright,you win. [giving him money from bet]

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