• I live in virginia
  • I was born on September 24
  • I am Male

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My Favorite Episodes

Free Willzyx

Cripple Fight

The Death Camp Of Tolerance

Professor Chaos

Breast Cancer Show Ever

Put It down

Casa Bonita

Ginger kids

Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playlist

Cartmans Incredible Gift


Cartoon Wars Part 1 & 2

With Apologies to Jesse Jackson

The Snuke

Make Love,Not Warcraft

The Ring


Elementary School Musical

Good Times With Weapons

Toilet Paper

the losing edge

The F word

My Favorite Characters

  • Eric
  • Butters
  • Kyle
  • Stan
  • Wendy
  • Kenny
  • Craig
  • Mr.Garrison
  • Tweek
  • Jimmy
  • Token
  • Mr.Slave
  • Randy
  • Ike
  • Mr.Mackey
  • Gerald
  • Heidi
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