I am Super Cool!!!:D:O:):D I love South Park! It is my absolute (or in other words)super duper ultra stamp it stamp it no erasies mega favorite show!(That saying is from South Park is Gay from season 7 one of my favorite episodes!)I have many favorite episodes here are my top 12 favorites!(I have 12 favs because there are so many episodes to decide on!!!!!!!!!!:D) 1.Le Petit Tourette (season 11) 2.Tweek vs. Craig (season 3) 3.South Park is Gay (season 7) 4.Gnomes (season 2) 5.Pandemic (season 12) 6. Pandemic 2 the startling (season 12) 7.Damien (season 1) 8.Child Abduction is not Funny (season 6) 9.Ginger Kids (season 9) 10.Dead Celebrities (season 13) 11.Cartman's Incredible Gift (season 8) 12.Whale Whores (season 13) Ohhhhhhhh MY GOSH !!!!!!!!!!!!! I don,t believe I now know who Cartman's real father !!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!OMG!!!HE HAS A HALF-BROTHER!!!!!!!AND ITS SCOTT TENORMAN!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!! Anyway,I do have alot of other favorite episodes but typing them all would take WAAAAAYYYYY too long!!!!!!!!Edit

My favorite charactersEdit

  • Thomas from Le Petit Tourette is my favorite character
  • The Mole is really cool ,but my 2nd favorite character is Craig Tucker I know all the people that go to the south park school even people that don't ,I still know them. I started watching south park when I was 3 years old. My dad got my mom into it and she got me into it and now it's my favorite show. My mom,dad and I all used to watch it together.Ahh,good memories. The first episode I saw was Mr.Hankey the Christmas Poo. I like Cartman's Cousin Elvin.HE IS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!Dougie is too.Pip is also coolioso!!

I like when Craig says"Oh yeah?We're triple dog gay!"Then Cartman would add"Oh Yeah? we're super duper ultra stamp it stamp it no erasies mega gay!"(From South Park is gay season 7) Above are some of my favorite pics and vids of my favorite people in South Park!!:D

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