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I'm Rick, a member of Fandom's TV and Movies Content Team. I'm here to assist in ensuring your wiki's content is brought up-to-date with the newest information in regards to upcoming film releases or new seasons of your favourite TV shows, as well as ensuring the correct usage of templates, portable infoboxes, and categories. Think of me as a temporary helper on your wiki to get everything ready to go before a big influx of new editors and readers arrives!

I am not here to replace your local administrators, nor your Wiki Manager, if you have one assigned. Any local issues or questions should be directed to them first. I will be working closely with the existing admin team as well as other Fandom staff members to make sure that information about things like characters or places are as complete and concise as possible. If you have questions, or just want to chat, feel free to leave me a message here, or over on Community Central!

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