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Hello peeps! I'm RosesRed8, I LOVE South Park. It's the most badass show ever. I love the movie, especially The Goth Kids and Kenny (Kenny and The Goths are my favourite two characters hands down) I'm trying to make an animation, and I love cocoa. This little girl on the right is a little character made by me! What do you think? I know I'm not allowed any fanon, but this is just on my page, and my profile pic is my girl. The story of how I heard about South Park is pretty funny though.

Feel free to comment on my wall, or ask me questions ;) I found this website where I watch episodes for free, since some people can't watch them in their region. Here they have all the episodes up to date. Here it is-

Some of the episodes are wrong.

My Favourite Episodes

My Favourite Characters

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