aka Jose

  • I live in a boring apartment
  • I was born on June 1
  • My occupation is Registered Nursing
  • I am Male, 22 years old

Hey, for whatever reason you are on here......Hi.

My name is Jose (hoh-zay) and I devoted my freetime into editing Wikia articles. 

About Me

My first name is Jose, my last name is....well you wouldn't care. I was born in the City of Smithtown, New York on June 1st, 1997 (The same year South Park started). I am Cuban-American. I currently live in an apartment. I graduated from college in May of 2019 with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology. I always was interested in becoming a nurse, until I changed my mind to not take the MCAT and just be a dentist, well, a dental-related job.

I grew up with my parents, and two brothers (Who are six and seven years older than me)


  • Q: Do you get offended when Parker and Stone make fun of your race?
  • A: No, I don't care. It's South Park, they get away with almost everything so I let the racist jokes pass. The whole point of South Park is to offend everybody, including you.

My favorite episodes

Hated episodes

What I like and don't like about South Park

Interests and Dislikes

RedIgnite's Interests

  • Studying Photography
  • Studying Cinematography
  • Studying Animation
  • Being Friendly, I'm a very nice guy so don't feel hesitated to contact me.
  • Meeting new people
  • Making Friends
  • Traveling to new places like Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Cuba, Spain, etc.
  • Studying World Leaders, Mandela is my favorite
  • Protesting and Becoming an active citizen
  • Involvement of Politics in my community
  • Help Wikis with the workload
  • Volunteering for my local community
  • Favorite Shows: When They See Us on Netflix and The Office
  • Most Favorite Show: South Park

RedIgnite's Dislikes

  • Encountering annoying trolls, mostly kids thinking they're all tough
  • Employees who give Jose Diet Coke when he ordered Coke
  • Rodents
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