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Welcome (>ω<)!

Hi <insert name here> and welcome to my page! Really happy that you are reading this. I chose to portray myself as Wizard Cartman because it looks like me when I'm fat. I normally specialize in English grammar and spelling errors. I'm also trying to help the Chinese wiki because I speak Chinese (I am horrible at it though). I am also very active on this wiki.

If you need help with grammatically incorrect wiki pages, feel free to post on my message wall and I will fix the errors as soon as I can. However, please do not attempt to contact me on Discord as I am pretty much inactive on my Discord account.

More About Myself (FAQ)

What are your likes?

  • Books, chatting, Netflix, music (preferably those pop R&B songs and retro songs like Smooth Criminal), computing, coding, international politics, debate, poetry (in general), blockbuster movies, plays, musicals, Twitter, South Park, and ...of course editing on FANDOM!

What are your dislikes?

  • Chilli (not that I hate it but I find its taste very irritating although I thoroughly enjoy food like pad thai) and Vogon poetry.

How did you first stumble upon South Park?

  • I got to admit that I'm quite a 'new' fan as I only discovered South Park in 2019. I remembered watching a clip of South Park on YouTube when it was on my "search suggestions". I liked the show immediately when I saw it's the witty and well-developed plot of the story. Hungry for information about this series which I didn't know in its entirety, I fed my hunger by watching more clips on YouTube and also watching some of the episodes on Netflix (which unfortunately only has 18 seasons available) only.

How did you find this wiki?

  • In order to unleash all my "South Park inner power", I found this wiki on the FANDOM Database and started editing on this wiki, and yep, that's how it still goes now;)

Who is your favorite character?

  • Cartman! Eric Cartman is a lovable character (for me at least), his humor has made me laugh a lot despite being anti-semitic towards Kyle. His attitude and personality resemble mine slightly too!

Favorite Episodes (not in order)

There are some that are rather interesting so I also added them here!

My Favorite Characters (not in order)

I think I have way too many favorites.

Favorite Songs (not in order)

Again, too many favorites.

Pages & Categories I Created

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