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{{Rollback}}{{Active user}}
{{Rollback}}{{Active user}}
'''On ''August 24th, 2011'', I received rollback rights, thanks to [[User:Annonnimus|Anon]] for accepting my request. I'd like to let this Wiki know that I will not let it down.'''
[ Link for my South Park script series]
==My South Park Fan Info==
===Favourite episode ===
*1501: "[[HUMANCENTiPAD]]"
===Favourite season===
*[[Season Thirteen]]
===Favourite main character/s===
*[[Eric Cartman]]/[[Kyle Broflovski]]
===Favourite minor character/s===
*[[Randy Marsh]]/[[Mr. Derp]]
===Favourite SP quote===
*"[[200]]" - [[Rob Reiner]] - "Release the kykan!"
===Merchandise owned===
*[[South Park: The Complete Twelfth Season]]
*[[South Park: The Complete Thirteenth Season]]
*[[A Little Box of Butters]]
*"They Took Our Jobs!" trucker hat
==Achievements (On SP Wiki)==
*July 8th, 2011: 40 000th edit on this wiki!
*August 24th, 2011: Received rollback rights.
*October 8th, 2011: Reached my 1000th edit.

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