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South Park Archives

Hello there <insert name here>! I am HerbiMetal, an editor and former wiki admin. I'm an artist and animator who has created artwork for the wiki, most notably the 2020 wiki background. I'm also a content moderator on the South Park Chinese wiki.

Artworks I created for SPA


  • Early 2019 - Started watching South Park clips on YouTube and reading South Park Archives
  • 01/04/19 - Watched my first full South Park episodes ("Time To Get Cereal", "Nobody Got Cereal?" and "Buddha Box")
  • 13/10/19 - Made my first edit on South Park Archives
  • 06/05/20 - Joined South Park Archives Discord
  • 11/07/20 - Achieved 1,000 edits
  • 22/04/21 - Achieved 5,000 edits
  • 08/05/21 - Edited the wiki for 365 consecutive days

Why South Park?

I got into South Park in 2019. I started out by watching clips on YouTube. I came across South Park Archives by Googling (I can't remember exactly when or how) and started reading about the episodes. The scene from the movie where Cartman says, "How would you like to such mah balls, Mr. Garrison?" really made me fall in love with South Park! It was a matter of time that I had to get my hands on the episodes!

I love South Park because

  • They aren't afraid to push boundaries and offend
  • The episodes are entertaining and hilarious
  • Some episodes have pretty good messages
  • The characters are relatable
  • The animation style is awesome

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