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Added Trivia

"Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?"

"Scott Tenorman Must Die"

  • During the showing of "Pube Boy", a man can be seen wearing a Scuzzlebutt shirt.


"Reverse Cowgirl"

  • The title of this episode is the name of a sex position, in which intercourse is performed with the inserting partner sitting or laying down and the straddling partner on top, but facing away from their partner's face. The title is referring to how people sit on the toilet regularly, which according to the episode, is the opposite way intended.
  • Betsy Donovan is voiced by Trey Parker in this episode; she was formerly voiced by April Stewart.
  • The term "sue-ance" is a play on the words "sue" and "séance", a ritual performed to talk to spirits.

"Faith Hilling"

  • Mr. Kitty has undergone a redesign for this episode.
  • The ending credits feature the full ending theme and shows pictures of "cat breading" instead of the song being cut off and showing a clip from the episode.
  • This is one of only a few episodes where Cartman and Kyle get along.
  • The dialogue between the presidential candidates are recordings of actual conversations.
  • The song Cartman sings at the end is a parody of the Sunday Night Football on NBC theme song.

"Imaginationland, Episode II"

  • Nagix, the "ice cream crapping taco" from "Cancelled]]", is seen running away from the terrorists in Imaginationland.

Added Goofs


  • When Cartman is directing the kids at his party to set down his gifts at the table, he says to put them down on the left, though he points to the right.
  • Kyle exclaims, "Somebody bet on you, Jesus. You said yourself that one person still had money on you" yet Jesus says this in the bar, where the boys weren't around.

"Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!"

  • When the sunscreen is advertised, it says "Your gonna get cancer" instead of the appropriate "You're gonna..."

"Child Abduction is Not Funny"

  • After the boys win their baseball game and they gather around the TV in Crust E. Krotch's, Tom the News Anchor incorrectly refers to the other anchor as "Tom" and vice versa. A few sentences later, Chris now refers to Tom by his correct name.

"Mystery of the Urinal Deuce"

  • Cartman claims that Kyle got a 91 on his spelling test "12 days after 9/11". However, this was a Sunday.

"Medicinal Fried Chicken"

  • When driving to the KFC after soccer practice, Randy drives the boys passed Tom's Rhinoplasty. In the first angle, it is on the passenger side, but in the next shot it appears on Randy's side.

"Breast Cancer Show Ever"

  • During the freeze-frame part of the fight, in one shot Token is shown with an expressionless face, but in the next his expression changes.
  • After the fight the Boy with Blue Cap periodically switches sides during angle shifts.

"Reverse Cowgirl"

  • In the original broadcast, the lawyer first read John Harington's name as "Thomas".
  • The lawyer also reads that Harington died in 1692. However, he died in 1612.

"The Wacky Molestation Adventure"

  • During the retelling of the "before time", a tall blonde-haired kid is seen twice.


  • At the end, referring to the Jakovasaurs, a French man (when translated) says, "I love its antics!" However, the subtitle is misspelled as "it's".

Added References


  • Although this is their only appearance, they were mentioned in the episode "The Snuke" when the boys are finding information over the new student, Baahir Hassan Abdul Hakeem.
  • They are again referenced a few episodes later in "Le Petit Tourette", when Thomas uses the "CuteBilly182" moniker to attract older men to the Dateline studio.

Added Censorship


  • In syndication on the WGN America channel, the scene where the Joozians suck each others "jagons" is cut out. Also, when Kenny is showing the boys and Chef the picture of the Joozians in bed, the jagon is blurred out.

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