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Hello <insert name here>, My Name is BluJayPJ, I'm an Australian Youtuber, Digital Artist and a fan of South Park.

I have been using Wikia/FANDOM since 2012 and currently on my third account after two other accounts were globally disabled in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

I always prefer to keep my facts and writings true, simple, and understandable, requiring not to display too much or jump to conclusions. Sudden facts and rumours that are yet to be proven true causes confusion and judgment in my opinion.

About Myself

Dеspite my username is BluJayPJ, my real name isn't Jay, I normally go by Josh by everyone. I have heard South Park way back in 2008/2009 when I was going on YouTube a lot more regularly, but only became a real fan of the show around the same time I was no longer fan-art making Object Show Community on March 2018, despite me still part of the OSC with the exception as an Administrator on the Inanimate Insanity Wiki until July 2019, when I retired from the wiki.

I have been using this account for approximately 3 years but I had around 2 accounts before that, with the earliest being from 2012. I've joined South Park Archives on October 23, 2016, with my first edit being Eric Cartman (before the admins protected the page).

Feel free to ask me anything you wish on my message wall. I am quite good with the technical aspects of wikis, but I can help you with any query you have (or at least point you in the right direction). See you around! :) ~ BluJayPJ-Sign.png