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==<span style="font-style: normal; ">Bcn172000</span>==
<span style="font-style: normal; ">{{WelcomeIP}} You are about to enter my user page but before you do follow the laws of South Park.</span>
==The laws of South Park created by Mayor McDaniels==
[[File:Mayor_McDaniels.jpg|thumb|left|80px|She's the mayor. She makes the laws]]
1.Even if they take your land and give you diseases, Never call a Native American an indian.
2.Don't even try to win the halloween costume contest because no matter how hard you try, Wendy's Chewbacca costume will always beat you.
3.Never pizza when you should french fry or french fry when you should pizza because if you do, you will have a bad time.
4.Always read the terms and conditions because if you don't, you will turn into a HUMANCENTIPAD
5.Don't watch R rated movies because they are to much for your fragile little minds to handle.
6.Don't f*ck with Wendy Testaburger.
7.Don't eat out of your but and sh*t out your mouth because it is unatural.
8.Don't eat the hippies brownies.
9.Don't sh*t in the urinals.
10.Don't drink Pabst Blue Ribbon because you will get arrested and become white trash in trouble.
11.Never show Muhammed on T.V.
12.You can't drive a Hybrid and not be smug so unless you want San Fransisco to be destroyed (again) don't drive a Hybrid.
13.Don't help Al Gore kill ManBearPig.
14.Don't forget to bring a towel.
15.Don't ever forget to put down the toilet seat because if you don't, your mom will die.
16.Don't mistake ashes with chocolate milk mix because if you do you will have somebody's soul inside your body.
17.NEVER go ziplining, horseback riding, or get on a boat.
And the worst thing you can do....
18.Don't eat the crust off the KFC chicken. You will be executed.
If you can follow these rules you will be one step closer to viewing my page. Now you must sing this song.
==The Imagination Song by The mayor of Imaginationland==
[[File:1110Mayor.jpg|thumb|left|100px|You must sing The Imagination Song.]]Imagination. Imagination. Imagination. Imagination. Imagination. Imagination. Imagination.
==Bcn172000's user page==
Will not be shown tonight so we can give you Terrance and Phillip in...
==Terrance and Phillip:The road to Bcn172000's user page.==
[[File:Terrance.gif|thumb]] This is my user page. The only thing I have to say is the previous line and this line explaining what I have to say.
==Favorite Characters==
<gallery captionalign="left" orientation="none">
Eric cartman.png
Herbert Garrison.png
2770790752 1.gif
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