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About me

Hi everyone! I'm Hank. I know a lot of things about this interesting show called South Park. If you have any questions about South Park, you can ask them here.

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Character Handedness
Stan Marsh Ambidextrous
Kyle Broflovski Ambidextrous
Eric Cartman Right Handed
Kenny McCormick Right Handed
Butters Ambidextrous
Tweek Tweak Unknown
Timmy Unknown
Wendy Right Handed
Bebe Right Handed
Craig Left Handed
Token Left Handed
Clyde Right Handed
Jimmy Right Handed
Kevin Stoley Left Handed
Shelly Left Handed

If I will be elected for administrator, what will happen?

When you elect me, I will make this site look better and more comfortable for every contributor. I will introduce new rules -- rules that will keep South Park Archives from being vandalized by SP haters. I will introduce some fun stuff, such as quizes on how well each of you knows South Park. I will allow everyone post what they want on their blogs -- new ideas, thoughts about the next season, anything you want. But, only blogging and not on official pages. I will not allow anyone to write your own ideas and put them on the same category as already existing episodes. Unless it is posted on blog. I will block anyone who spams. Also, I will limit any links unless they're checked. If there's anything else that you would like me to do for you, just let me now.

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