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About the F

Hey waht's up dudes Im AdeoF and im a BIG South park fan i join this wiki because i think it will be fun and injoyable and good to meet people who love south park too :). Im 17 and i live in London and i share the same birthday as Eric Cartman BTW Kenny is Kool .

I Am King of the Categorys most done and fast

Annonnimus is the best admin any one could ever had

Kenny is Kool

In my time at this wiki i have see good people, bad people, people who need power, people who think they are the illuminati changeing the place and the the ugly people. I have seen many things that people just love to do some of them is just editing the god damm place but this can be good or shitty but im not saying why. People don't worry about things that are going to hit you hard if they say it's sin or if you can't do it just be careful when it happens i do love south park it the best show :) if you got any worrys im sill working for X-mas season. ok dudes sweet if you got any worrys just go to Annonnimus not Davoo. But do be nice to people it will make life easier a better for you and others.

My Top 10 favorite Episodes

1. Best Friends Forever (GO KENNY)

2. The Ring

3. The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers

4. Le Petit Tourette

5. Breast Cancer Show Ever

6. Good Times with Weapons

7. Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset

8. Make Love, Not Warcraft

9. The List

10. Cartmanland

My Top 10 favorite Characters

1. Kenny McCormick (WAAAA WA HOOOO He is death)

2. Ike Broflovski (he's cool)

3. Fat Ass (i think you know waht i ment)

4. Wendy Testaburger (She's wise and a Bitch)

5. Stan Marsh (normal)

6. Butters Stotch (Everone Knows it's Butters "Well thats me")

7. Jerome "Chef" McElroy (i Wana make love to ya Woman i wana put you down the Fire!)

8. Terrance and Phillip (

9. Linda Stotch (i don't know why)

10. Kyle Broflovski (He's a Jew and is that cool)

1st place on The Achievements Leaderboard 1/10/10


The Categorys i Made

One-off characters

Adults Characters (Then changed to Adult characters all thanks to Annonnimus i did the work of makeing the list)

Fat Characters

Imaginationland Characters (why not)


Minor Buildings

Characters in a Relationship

Characters with unknown voice actor

Characters Voiced by April Stewart (i forgot to say)

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