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The Unnamed Black Vampire is a Vampire adult who appears in the Season Seventeen episode, "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers" and South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC From Dusk till Casa Bonita. He is a member of the South Park Vampire Society and also the only adult in the group.


When Pete and Firkle go to the vampire reunion to tell the vamp kids about the camp that is turning kids into emos, the black vampire stands up and asks if anyone at the meeting could be an emo posing as a vampire, Pete surprised by him, says yes, the black vampire then gets out of his seat to tell the possible traitor to prepare to run and quickly accuses Vladimir of being the traitor.

Pete and Firkle later take the black vampire along with Mike Makowski, Larry, and other vampires to see how Henrieta was after becoming an emo. The black vampire then asks if she can enter her room to fight her and the other emos that were in the room. Pete responds by saying that he cannot just come into the room and fight the emos and they needed to stop it at their source, so Mike suggests they call Edgar Allan Poe to help them.

The black vamp is later seen with Pete, Firkle, and the vampire children trying to summon Edgar. After Edgar shows up, when Pete tells him about the camp that makes kids into emos, Edgar scoffs at the Vamp Kids saying he can't be seen with stupid vampire boys wearing plastic fangs, Pete thanks him for saying it is good to know Edgar Allan Poe agrees with the gothic, Edgar then scoffs at Pete saying that a blood demon shit on his head, making the black vampire mock Pete.

Later, he along with Pete, Edgar, and the others, go to the camp with the plan to rescue Michael and set fire to the place. The black vamp then says that he would go crazy if he finds out that someone in the car Pete was driving is an undercover emo who will reveal himself when they get into the place.

When they enter, Firkle reveals that he was an emo all the time. The black vamp and the others are then held in chairs by a gardener named Howard Flannigan, with plants that, according to the gardener, turn children into emos. Edgar then appears and finally shoots the "Plant Leader" and finds that everything was actually a farce and that the plant was bought at Lowe's Home and Garden for $29.95 and the pots are just vibrating pots. The gardener then discovers that it was all a joke made by his wife, Sarah Flannigan.

The black vamp has not made any other appearances in the show for the moment. But he later appeared in the South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC, From Dusk till Casa Bonita. He is voiced by a different voice actor in the game.


The unnamed black vampire has curly black hair and some wrinkles on his face. He wears a dark blue bandana and wears a black short-sleeved shirt with Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Jacob Black, and a Twilight logo in the middle. He also wears an earring with red threads, a black belt with a gray buckle, a steel bracelet of a bat, dark blue pants, and black shoes. In From Dusk till Casa Bonita, he wore a black short-sleeved shirt with a simple design of a skull.


He has a very stereotypical Gangster personality, both in the game and on the show.


  • Well whoever you is, you better get yo' ass ready to run, muthafucka, 'cause you're a damn traitor!
  • Ey, look, man! All genres of Gothic subcultures are derivatives of Poe's work, muthafucka!
  • Ey, just so you all know, if one of you ain't who you say they is, and we get inside that base and you reveal you're actually one of them Emo muthafuckas in disguise, I WILL go crazy on yo' ass!


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