The United States of America is a major country and recognized global superpower on the continent of North America. It shares borders with Canada to the North and Mexico to the South. Russia also shares a maritime border with the state of Alaska in the Bering Strait.

The events of South Park are usually set in the country with the most frequent location being the state of Colorado. However, many episodes also take place in the nation's capital city, Washington, D.C.

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  • Bentonville is the corporate HQ of Wall-Mart, which appears in episode "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes".
  • It is also where the World Wide Recorder Concert took place. Mr. Garrison was born and raised in Arkansas.




  • Colorado is the state in which the fictional town of South Park is located. The state capital is Denver, which has been featured or mentioned quite a few times during the series. Other locations mentioned and visited include Fairplay, Evergreen and Greeley, among others. Fictional towns and cities located in Colorado include North Park, Middle Park and Beaverton.
    • South Park is a real life geographical region in Colorado, but there is no actual town referred to as such in real life. The same is true of North Park and Middle Park.






  • Butters and Kenny go to Hawaii, Butters' native land, in "Going Native".



  • Cartman goes to Corbin, Kentucky to make a deal with Colonel Sanders about smuggling KFC in Colorado.






New Jersey

New York

North Carolina

  • Cartman flies to North Carolina to steal presidential ballots in "Obama Wins!".


  • Cartman flies to Ohio to steal presidential ballots in "Obama Wins!".


  • Philadelphia and the Independence Hall are located in this state.
  • In "Sexual Healing", Kyle, Butters, and other sex addicts fly to Independence Hall to help fight the Wizard Alien causing their addictions.

South Carolina

  • Cartman's Confederate army marches into South Carolina in "The Red Badge of Gayness" to take Fort Sumter. Stan, Kyle, and Marvin Marsh, along with U.S. National Guard soldiers, arrive to confront them, only to be outnumbered when the entire state joins Cartman's army.


  • Cartman's Confederate army marches into Tennessee in "The Red Badge of Gayness" and conquers Chattanooga. Stan, Kyle, and Marvin Marsh arrive, too, but are unable to stop them. Kenny, who is part of Cartman's army, is killed in the city by U.S. soldiers.




Washington, D.C.

  • Washington, D.C., the nation's capital, has appeared in several episodes.
    • Liane Cartman goes to the White House and has sex with President Bill Clinton in "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut" to try and legalize fortieth trimester abortions.
    • President Clinton informs the nation about increasing Japanese military presence in the United States in "Chinpokomon".
    • Cartman's Confederate army marches into Washington, D.C., in "The Red Badge of Gayness" to negotiate peace terms with President Clinton. Stan and Kyle intervene and Cartman's Confederate rebellion ends in failure.
    • David Blaine's cult goes to Washington, D.C., to commit mass suicide in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Stan, along with the Super Best Friends save Kyle and Cartman in "Super Best Friends".
    • President George W. Bush is informed that the boys' ladder to Heaven in "A Ladder to Heaven".
    • Josh Myers is seen preparing to toilet paper the White House in "Toilet Paper".
    • Kenny's feeding tube in "Best Friends Forever".
    • President Bush delivers a press conference at the White House about Family Guy's plans to air a Muhammad episode in "Cartoon Wars Part II".
    • Stan and Kyle end up in Washington, D.C., in "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce" and are brought to the White House, where they are told by President Bush about the government's involvement in 9/11, which later turns out to have been a lie to make the government appear all-powerful.
    • Randy Marsh goes to the Washington, D.C., where he is to accept his award for the largest piece of fecal matter, only to be interrupted and upstaged by a video of Bono.
    • Stan, Kyle, and Cartman end up at the Pentagon during the Imaginationland trilogy, and Kyle and Cartman eventually end up at the Washington, D.C., Memorial Hospital, after Kyle is attacked by ManBearPig.
    • Barack Obama, John McCain, Michelle Obama, and Sarah Palin all partake in a jewel heist, stealing the Hope Diamond from the Smithsonian Institute in "About Last Night...".
    • The government seeks to deal with sexual addiction in "Sexual Healing" and President Obama calls for the outbreak, traced back to Independence Hall, to be eliminated.
    • President Obama announces, from the White House, the imminent destruction of the country in "Funnybot".
    • Duck President appears in "Ass Burgers", signing a bill. He is later removed from the Oval Office and President Obama returns.
    • President Obama receives a phone call at the White House from General Tso, regarding his election victory in "Obama Wins!".
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