United Kingdom is a location that has featured a few times in South Park.


Britons are occasionally portrayed as having bad teeth, which is a typical American stereotype of a British person, with characters such as Gordon Brown and a few other characters including Pip not having this trait. Britons use many archaic words that have fallen out of common use as seen in "It Hits the Fan". Britons are also seen as knowing all about castles, legends and myths. Their clothing is deliberately archaic, including flat caps, Victorian style bolas ties and red jackets. The military is seen to be dressed in the typical redcoat style of the 18th century. The actor Malcolm McDowell has appeared as the British Person in the episode "Pip", to date the only live action person to appear in south park in a narrator role.

In the Coon Triology, British people are seen in drilling into the gulf of Mexico and the moon.

The Snuke

In "The Snuke" the British attempt to invade the United States to deny America its independence, however they fail when USAF jets fly in and destroy the Royal Navy. Queen Elizabeth II then commits suicide.

The Royal Navy, shortly before destruction.


The British military are portrayed as extremely out-dated and still use old wooden naval vessels from the past equipped with cannons. The Army is shown as still equipped with weak musket (British rifles) and wearing the 'redcoat' style uniform. Modern technology such as mobile phones are still used by the commander of the fleet however.


  • It was unknown who rules Britain now as Queen Elizabeth II killed herself in "The Snuke", but if the show went by the next in line it is most probably Prince Charles. However, in "200", Queen Elizabeth is shown amongst the insulted Celebrities, plotting against South Park. This implies she managed a Kenny-esque resurrection, like many other celebrities.
  • Ms. Choksondik in the Season 4 episode "Fourth Grade" had a somewhat British accent but just for that episode.
  • Several British sitcoms have been seen to influence South Park in certain ways, usually for throwaway jokes. Common influences are Monty Python's flying Circus and Little Britain.
  • It is possible that Gregory, from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, is British, based on his accent, general smug and superior demeanor, and style of dress, which is archaic.
  • Britain's long standing hatred of France is referred to in the episode "Conjoined Fetus Lady", when Pip is driven to outstanding Dodge ball playing ability when referred to as French.
  • As far as the real world goes, The UK is the second largest market of South Park, apart from the US itself. When Chef's song "Chocolate Salty Balls" was released as a single, it shot to the top of the UK charts and stayed there a number of weeks.
  • Pip is (was) from Britain.
  • On the Going Down To South Park video, it's stated that South Park is as big if not bigger hit in Britain (and Australia) than it is in the US.


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