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Episode no. Season 22
Episode 09
Production no. 2209
Original airdate December 5, 2018
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"Buddha Box" "Bike Parade"
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This page is about the episode. For the eponymous song see Unfulfilled.

"Unfulfilled" is the ninth episode of Season Twenty-Two, and the 296th overall episode of South Park. It aired on December 5, 2018.[1]


South Park is chosen to be the home for Amazon's newest Fulfillment Center.[1]


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Plot details follow.

Butters is designing his bike as Stephen comes in. Butters mentions the bike parade and the big cash prize, leading Stephen to yell at him, believing he is referring to the fact the family is low on money. He then leaves for work, carpooling with Stuart, along with the other workers.

Sixteen Tons plays as a montage is shown of Stephen working at the Amazon Fulfillment Center. Stephen isn't happy about the job, working all alone, but is happy to bring parcels home for the family.

Butters tries out his bike on the street, seen by the boys. He mentions the bike parade, which is described by the boys as dumb. Larry Zewiski, another competitor at the bike parade, turns up, with 2 Raisins Girls attracted to him. Larry boasts about how his bike is better, upsetting Butters.

At the Fulfillment Center, Stephen shows Mr. and Mrs. Tweak around the workplace, as Amazon moving to South Park has meant Tweek Bros. Coffeehouse has had to shut down. During the tour, Josh Carter, another worker, is attacked by a machine and ends up getting packed.

At Kenny's house, Kenny is working on a bike and is spotted by the other boys, who reveal that, after seeing Larry, they also want to join the bike parade. Cartman realizes that the boys don't do things together anymore, and convince them to enter the bike parade together like the old days. They then proceed to order items off Amazon.

In Crunchy's Micro Brew, the Amazon workers are drinking after a long day. Stuart then comes in and tells everyone that Amazon has said Josh's accident was because of a human error. The workers then decide to strike, much to the dismay of Stephen, who is worried about the bike parade.

Cartman wakes up the next morning ready to get his items for the bike parade, but he finds there isn't any delivery. Liane informs him that no-one is getting parcels, and shows him the news. The news reports on the strike, and interviews the victim, Josh, who is now stuck in a box, which can't be opened or he will die.

With the strike, no-one is getting deliveries, upsetting the town. Jeff Bezos visits Mayor McDaniels to speak about the strike. He explains that the customer is most important and, if orders keep getting unfulfilled, she will pay the price.

The Boys start to realize that, without Amazon, they won't be able to join the bike parade. Stan questions what the boys used to do before Amazon, and Cartman realizes they used to use the mall. The boys then visit the South Park Mall, which is in ruins after not being visited in a long time. The workers inside have become mutations, and are unable to help the boys due to not having as big an inventory as Amazon. They reveal they are there because they want to work, and Stan comes up with an idea.

Stephen comes home after another long day and informs the family that, due to the strike, their Prime membership has been revoked, and they are now Amazon USDA choice. He then goes to pray that the strike will end so he can get back to work and help his family. This is seen through his Alexa by Jeff Bezos and the mayor. Jeff decides to prepare a bus for anyone wishing to return to work.

At the fulfillment center, the strike continues, and Amazon customers are protesting the strike because they want their things. The bus comes along and the strikers yell at the people on the bus. Stuart discovers Stephen is the only one on the bus and the strikers try to persuade him to strike, but Stephen refuses due to the bike parade.

Inside, Stephen is the only one working, much to the dismay of Jeff. Stan calls him up and informs him that there are workers that can work at Amazon. Jeff then plans to send a bus out. He discovers during the call about the bike parade and berates the mayor for not mentioning it, saying everything is important when it comes to the customer.

The strikers learn of these workers and Josh leads them, telling them no-one will get into the fulfillment center, at all costs.

Critical Reception[]

AV Club gave "Unfulfilled" a "A-" rating saying: "In all honesty, I’m stunned by this episode, even more so than I was when they brought back ManBearPig, and acknowledged the errors of his first appearance. In a way, this can’t help but feel like a companion piece to the ManBearPig episodes."[2]

IGN gave "Unfulfilled" a "8.2" rating saying: "Like it or not, South Park is tackling another two-part storyline in this ten-episode season. "Unfulfilled" doesn't reach the heights of the best Season 22 episodes, but it does find plenty of dramatic and comedic gold as it skewers Amazon and draws in all sorts of science fiction elements for good measure. If the series can keep building on this foundation, this season should be able to end on a strong note."[3]


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