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Stinky Cartman, referred to as Uncle Stinky, is a member of Cartman's family introduced in "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!". He is the father of Elvin and Alexandra and the husband of Lisa Cartman, as well as the uncle of Eric and Fred and brother of Liane and Howard.


In his first appearance in "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!", he and the rest of Cartman's extended family will spend the holidays at his mother's house. He is first seen greeting the boys as Liane introduces the family members to them. The next day, Cartman asks him if he can take them to the mall to see Mr. Hankey, but he angrily denies it since he didn't want to lose to the football game on TV. He and the rest of the Cartmans are later held hostage by Howard and Charles Manson before they surrender. At the end of the episode, he and the rest of the family surprise Charles Manson in prison by singing him a Merry Christmas song. The official script shows that he would have more speaking roles, including one greeting Howard, which were eventually cut from the episode.

He makes a small background appearance on the cover of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

In "Cartmanland", he attends the funeral of his mother, who ended up leaving her home in Nebraska as his property. During the reading of the will, he is amazed to find that he has lost the one million dollars of his mother's inheritance to Cartman.

In "Royal Pudding", Eric says that his uncle is second in line to be manager of Gart Brothers, possibly referring to him.


Stinky has brown curly hair, a mustache and a goatee. He wears a green turtleneck sweater and gray pants. Like most of his relatives, he is overweight and has a double chin.




  • In "Death", Cartman mentions an uncle of his (possibly Uncle Stinky) who said that smoking crack is kinda cool.


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