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Ugly Bob is a Canadian who makes his debut appearance in the Season Two episode, "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus". Being hideously ugly, he wears a paper bag to hide his face at all times.


Ugly Bob reappears well over a decade later in "Royal Pudding" which reveals that at some point, he moved to the USA. In America, Bob is not considered ugly. He is just considered Canadian.

It seems that only Canadians can see how hideous Bob truly is. He still wears a paper bag over his head at all times though, and now also sports a brown jacket. He runs into Ike Broflovski on their way to the Canadian call to arms, admitting he had no idea there were other Canadians living in America. They join with the other Canadians to confront Scott the Dick who is now a giant, but soon realize he could not have kidnapped the Princess. He and Ike join Scott after the real culprits, suspecting a group of Eskimos, but they quickly discover Scott is incorrect. Luckily, the Eskimos lead them to the true culprit - Tooth Decay.

Ugly Bob seems to become even more ugly over time, as he is instrumental in the defeat of Tooth Decay. His horrific (Canadian) visage is now so ugly that Ike exposing it to the monster turns it to stone. He is then given a Canadian Medal of Honor by the Princess.


Ugly Bob's face has been described as looking like "somebody tried to put out a forest fire with a screwdriver". He wears green pants and an orange, long-sleeved shirt. His shirt, like Terrance and Phillip's and Scott the Dick's shirts, has his name's first initial embroidered on it, however, his is in lowercase. When they meet, Terrance and Phillip advise him to wear a brown paper bag over his head, and he takes this good advice to heart.

In "Royal Pudding" he is seen wearing a brown jacket and a brown-grey colored paper bag.


Despite being regarded as hideously ugly by other Canadians, Bob has a cheerful, optimistic, friendly and good-natured personality. He is also brave and patriotic, seeking to save the Princess of Canada from peril, as well as intelligent, given his understanding of native Inuit language.


Celine Dion

In "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus", Ugly Bob takes Terrance and Phillip's advice of wearing the paper bag over his head. Celine Dion, who, in the show, had been married to but divorced Terrance, fell for him and they had sex with each other. She does not yet know about his true appearance, because he wore the bag over his head at all times to help hide the fact that he is actually hideously ugly, and refers to him as "Handsome Bob".

Terrance, meanwhile, had rescued the daughter he had had with Celine during their marriage, and he wants to start a life with her again. When he finds out about her new relationship, he pulls the bag off of Bob's head, revealing his true appearance to her. She screams in horror, but decides to stay with Bob nonetheless, on the condition that he keeps the bag over his head at all times. Later, it is discovered that he had impregnated Celine, and they both hope that the baby would turn out to look like Celine.

Terrance and Phillip

Ugly Bob is friends with Terrance and Phillip enough that they will talk to him despite his horrific deformity, which apparently only Canadians can see. Terrance and Phillip mockingly suggest that Ugly Bob start wearing a paper bag on his head to keep people from knowing how ugly he is, and repeatedly insult his appearance. To the viewer, Bob looks just like Terrance and Phillp, but Bob seems to agree with them on his ugliness and soon after starts wearing the bag.

Ike Broflovski

Meets Ike on a bus. He had not previously known that there are other Canadians living in the U.S. He and Ike join up to help find the princess.


  • It is revealed in "Royal Pudding" that Ugly Bob is from Toronto.
  • Ugly Bob has the third longest absence from the show (13 years). The longest belongs to Doctor Tom who did not having a speaking appearance for twenty years, and second longest for Starvin' Marvin who was absent for eighteen years. He is tied with the recess supervisor.
  • Ugly Bob now being so ugly that he turns people to stone upon sight is a clear reference to Medusa, a monster in Greek mythology.
  • When Ugly Bob first received his paper bag from Terrance and Phillip, it had no eye holes. He made eye holes so he can see without ever having to remove the bag.
  • Ugly Bob understands the Native Canadian language.



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