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The two farmers are two old men at the bowling alley who are Steamy Ray Vaughn's only audience in the Season Fifteen episode, "You're Getting Old". The old men feel compelled to steal Randy's underwear in order to save them from the fate of violent farts caused by his tween wave performances.

The two also appear in "W.T.F." as part of the enthused redneck crowd who see the boys' wrestling league and believe it.

The farmer on the left later appears being interviewed by the news, both in the Season Eighteen episode, "The Magic Bush", and the Season Nineteen episode, "Sponsored Content". He also has a conversation with Skeeter and Randy in "Truth and Advertising".

The two farmers make a cameo appearance commenting on the college PC bros as they are partying in the Season Nineteen episode, "Stunning and Brave".

They both also appear in the Season Nineteen episode, "The City Part of Town" showing the Whole Foods representative how they slaughter cows. Both make cameo appearances in the Season Twenty-One episode "White People Renovating Houses" as among the protesting rednecks, and in the Season Twenty-Two episode "Unfulfilled" as Amazon employees.


The farmer on the left wears dark bluish jeans with a brown belt and a big metal buckle. He also wears a red unbuttoned shirt with rolled up sleeves under which he wears a white undershirt, and light brown boots. His hair is black and in the style of a comb-over.

The other farmer wears brown pants with a black belt and a golden belt buckle. He also wears a dark green T-shirt and black shoes. He is mostly bald and has a large gray beard. His arms are remarkably hairy. This farmer also has a second outfit that can be seen in some appearances. He keeps his normal pants, but now gets a brown cowboy hat which matches his pants. His dark green T-shirt gets replaced by a light green one with yellow text saying "If it ain't country it aint music!".



  • Did you know we're livin' in the Tween times?
  • I'd never heard that.
  • Guess it's the period between 2009 and 2013. They call it the Tweens. So they got this feller down at the bowling alley? He gets up on the stage an' shits his britches.
  • What fer?
  • I don't know. But he gets up there and strums a geetar and then starts loadin' his britches up like it's goin' out of style. It's like some kind of britches holocaust. Feller calls himself Steamy Ray Vaughn.
  • You mean that guy that plays the blues and died in an airplane crash?
  • No. That's Stevie Ray Vaughn. Steamy Ray Vaughn just shits his britches.
  • Lord, I ain't never seen britches take a whoopin' like that.
  • I told you. Them britches don't stand a chance.


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