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X, formerly known yet still commonly referred to as Twitter, is a social networking site where users send 140-character messages known as "tweets". Twitter has been featured or mentioned in many episodes.

In "Safe Space", PC Principal gives Butters the job of filtering out nasty stuff on Cartman's Twitter account. This is then extended so he has to filter out celebrity accounts.

Twitter becomes a main focus for the first few episodes of Season Twenty. Gerald, in the persona of Skankhunt42, bullies the girls over Twitter. This makes such an impact, to the point it started the Gender War where the girls decide this is the views of all men and split up with their boyfriends.


Video Games[]

South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

Twitter is known as the message/carrier raven by the boys. One tweet that the humans and Drow Elves each hidden the titular Stick of Truth at the school, but this was a trick by Clyde Donovan.