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Randy listening to Tween Wave.

Tween wave is a fictional genre of music that the boys listen to in "You're Getting Old". The parents of the children strongly dislike it, as they hear it as flatulence (Farting) and diarrhea sounds.

In the episode, Stan has a disagreement with Kyle, Kenny and Cartman due to him hearing and seeing everything as "shit" due to his struggling with cynicism. Randy begins to listen and play tween wave to keep in touch with his youth so he does not feel old. He has a disagreement with his wife, Sharon, over him being immature which causes them to split up.


  • One of the fictional tween wave bands mentioned is Gersploosh.
  • Tween wave is the music listened to in the "tween" era, the years between 2009 and 2012.
  • The fact that tween wave sounds like "shit" is because some people view modern pop music such as dubstep as only electronic sounds with no musical creativity.

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