"Tweek vs. Craig"
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Tweek and Craig fighting.
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 4
Production no. 304
Original airdate June 23, 1999
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Tweek vs. Craig is the fourth episode of the third season of South Park. It first aired on June 23, 1999.

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Stan, Kyle and Cartman trick Tweek and Craig into believing that they have been challenged by each other to fight. Mr. Adler, the boys' shop class teacher, can't get over the death of his beloved fiancé.


The boys start their week in shop class with Mr. Adler. He asks the class who the biggest troublemaker is. Stan and Kyle say that Tweek is, but Cartman says that Craig is. After a dispute they get the two to fight each other. Lying that the other has challenged them.

Kenny meanwhile, has attended home economics, making him the only boy to not attend shop class.

After school, the boys find out Tweek and Craig have both gone home without fighting. They consult the two claiming that their opponent turned up and insulted them. The fight is rescheduled to the next day.

Mr. Adler meanwhile has been going through extreme emotional stress after the death of his fiance. He begins to see flashbacks of her and her death as a skywriter. In which her plane exploded and crashed into the ocean where she then drowned. His only comfort while remembering these tragic events lies in his nicotine gum.

After school, Tweek and Craig show up but are unsure how to fight. The fight is rescheduled yet again, while the boys train the two fighters.

Stan and Kyle train Tweek how to do boxing with the help of Jimbo and Ned. Tweek beats Ned after a few pointers.

Cartman teaches Craig how to sumo wrestle. Unfortunately Craig loses to Cartman after he shoves his ass into Craig.

Mr. Adler has finally run out of nicotine gum. Now having completely lost the will to live, he decides to kill himself by laying on the saw belt. Kenny briefly appears to explain he has been transferred from home economics because he was doing such a bad job at it.

The fight finally begins and the two remain equal. They then crash into Adler's classroom and fling Kenny to his death in a pile of sharp rusty nails. Adler stops his suicide attempt and runs to Kenny. He looks at his face which forms into a vision of his fiance who says he should remember the good times, not how he didn't "get to say goodbye", these words from beyond the grave immediately make him feel happier; able to live again.

Tweek and Craig are in the hospital and the boys go to see them. They apologize to Tweek and Craig, admitting that one had never insulted or ever wanted to fight the other, and that they lied about it just to see who could win in a fight. Then a second later, the boys convince them to start fighting again right in the hospital using the same method as before.

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