Tweek Bros. Coffeehouse is a coffee shop run by Richard Tweak and his family. It first appeared in the Season Two episode, "Gnomes".


In "Gnomes", the store was in danger of going out of business when rival Harbucks coffee came to town. It remained in business, despite the coffee's "rancid sewage" flavor. At the end of the episode, the Tweak family and Harbucks form a business deal to allow the shop to remain open.

The building was seen again, with a new appearance mimicking the Starbucks coffee chain, in the episode "201", where it was nearly destroyed by Mecha-Streisand until the Super Best Friends intervened.

In the Season Twenty-Two episode "Unfulfilled", Richard Tweak claims that Tweek Bros. Coffeehouse has had to shut down due to Amazon moving to South Park.


Picture 282640928632038953847

The coffeehouse in "Gnomes".

  • "Gnomes" - In danger of going out of business, when a rival coffee shop called Harbucks comes into town.
  • "201" - Almost destroyed by Mecha-Streisand until the Super Best Friends stopped her.
  • "Unfulfilled" (mentioned only) - Richard Tweak claims that Tweek Bros. Coffeehouse has had to shut down due to Amazon.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Main Quest

The New Kid comes here to recruit Tweek, but is instructed to get a delivery from the McCormick Residence.




  • Terribovine - Found under the bench outside (gnome dust required).


  • Friar Robes - Found in the yellow chest at the back of the shop.
  • Friar Gloves - Found in the yellow chest at the back of the shop.
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