Tupac Shakur, known by his stage name 2Pac, was an American rapper. He appeared in the Season Eighteen episode, "#REHASH", as a hologram, ordered to capture the escaped Michael Jackson hologram. He also sleeps with Sharon Marsh. In the episode, "#HappyHolograms", he walks into the Park County Police Station, teams up with Michael Jackson, and helps him kill the Record Producer.

Real Life Background

Tupac had a long time career as a criminal just as much as a rapper. He had a long time friendly rivalry with the Notorious B.I.G.. Many people suspected that Biggie was the one who killed 2pac, that is, until he was killed in an exact similar way.


Tupac Shakur appears as a hologram of the real Tupac Shakur. He is bald with a black goatee and mustache, and he wears brown shoes, a silver cross chain, blue jeans and a belt, and visible white underwear. He also has many tattoos on his body and arms.dece

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