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Tuong Lu Kim is the owner of City Wok/City Airlines (though he pronounces it "Shitty Wok" or "Shitty Airrines" due to his stereotypical Chinese accent). In the episode "Jared Has Aides", the boys come and talk to him about Butters becoming City Wok's "Jared". After Jared announces he has "aides", he doesn't "want his own Jared". At the end of the episode, he offers the boys $15 (pronounced fifhteen dorra) and the boys refuse. He also is asked to build a wall around South Park in "Child Abduction Is Not Funny" to protect the city from kidnappers (and Mongolians raiding the town for no apparent reason other then to be an inconvenience to Lu Kim). In It's Christmas in Canada, as the owner of City Airlines, the boys haggle him down to $62 to take the four of them to Canada. During the flight, his Cessna runs out of gas and crashes, but not before he jumps from the plane with the only parachute, it is unknown how he managed to get out of Canada and back to South Park, but presumably it involved the Only Road, since its well...the only road. His wife is Wing. Tuong Lu Kim can also be seen in the crowd at the end of the episode "The Coon" when Mysterion reveals his identity so he still lives in South Park though he hasn't had any speaking roles in any recent episodes.


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