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Tugger is the nickname of Russell Crowe's tugboat. He appears in Season Six episode "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer".


Tugger is Russell Crowe's only companion in the TV show Russell Crowe Fightin' Around The World, who brings him to around the world to engage in fights. After having a row with his girlfriend the night before, Russell Crowe tries to cheer Tugger up singing a song off his new album. Russell Crowe gets carried away and is oblivious to the fact that Tugger cannot stand the song. He first tries to escape on his own but fails since he is moored to the dock. Then he puts on earmuffs which prove to be ineffective. Finally Tugger cannot take it anymore and shoots himself with a revolver.

Tugger survives the gunshot; the doctor says all he needs is just an oil change and a new steam stack. Russell Crowe feels happy about of Tugger's recovery and decides to fight cancer from then on.


Tugger is a tugboat in a considerably tiny size. It is mainly wooden. It has a cab in the middle which can barely hold one person, a large steel funnel at its back and a helm in the front. Its name "Tugger" is written at three different places on the hull. Tugger literally has two hands; they are normally folded so that they cannot be seen.


  • Tugger is not only a tugboat, but also a sentient being.
  • Tugger is a voiced character, although it is unclear who voices him, since the voice is heavily muffled.
  • Tugger is an amphibious vehicle, he can travel on land by bouncing.

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